Monday, June 22, 2009

Here is a sample of the photography of my good friend, Gretchen Georges, photographer and international flight attendant. Gretchen and I met In Montepulciano, Italy four years ago when we both went there for our vacations and attended language school.  She also speaks French.  I recall taking the train with Gretchen very early one morning and we were the first at this very small train station.  One attendant was there and Gretchen, whose Italian is better than mine, asked him a question about which train we should take.  Whatever he said disagreed with what Gretchen had researched so she challenged him.  I can recall his facial expressions which indicated not only was he sure but that we should, simply, believe him, "Certo belle donne". You can picture the hand, facial, and shoulder gestures that are so Italian.  Then she said something else and his face changed and Gretchen said smartly, "Ha!"  I asked her what she said to him and she said she asked him to swear on his Mother's soul if he was so certain and that changed everything.  Italian men still very much honor their mothers.  Too often they continue to live with them but that, amica mia, is another story....

Last Fall Gretchen and I met again "a Roma" and we were sitting on Via della Pace (see photograph in the banner above) enjoying a late evening drink when I snapped that picture. Take a look at her photography at Symphorose International Photography. Gretchen uses several cameras and lens, blends photos, and adds texture for a unique look. Her photos of French trains stations will be available soon...


  1. Great photo, we LOVE those old style Fiat 500' (Italian) husband would absolutely love to have one! Am enjoying your blog very much :)

  2. Love the blue and green fav color combo. So Italian!