Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photo-shoot - Better Homes & Gardens

The photo-shoot of my kitchen yesterday was great fun and a lot of work.  Like so many talents, there was more to photographing my small kitchen that you can imagine.  The entire evolution took six hours.  I was home to enjoy the whole thing.  Andrea Caughey, Senior Editor at BG&G and the professional photographers, Ed Gohlich and Matthew Meier have worked together for many years so they were a kick.  My Labs just took it all in.  Forgot to ask which edition this would be in!  


  1. Love your little kitchen! I can just picture you whipping up some pasta;-)

  2. I'm so excited for you and cannot wait to see the issue when it comes out. Six hours, wow! Your kitchen looks like a lovely place to spend time in.

  3. Can't wait to see the photos in the magazine!! I do have to confess that I wish your pictures were larger on here when you post!!! I feel like I can't take it all in if it's to small!! ;)

  4. You must be so excited! What an awesome thing to get to be in a magazine. I must admit, I wish you had more pics of your home on here... I have blown up the ones you have and have studied every detail. I love your style! So rustic and cozy and yet neutral and current. Any chance you could post more pics?

    Take care,

  5. I absolutely love this (: Beautiful home!

    La C.

  6. I just had to pop on and say hello.

    I saw your pillow feature in BHG before I ever saw your online shop or blog. It caught my eye because I love using burlap in me home. I thought your pillows were gorgeous and I loved your attitude toward your business.

    I remember thinking, "I wonder if she has a blog?" That's as far as it went until today when I saw a link to your blog from someone else's blog. The name rang a bell (probably because of your feature) so I clicked over.

    I was thrilled to see that it was you! I love your products and the pictures of your home are beautiful. Have fun with your newest feature!


  7. How amazing. Can't wait to see the issue!

  8. Congratulazioni amica,
    spero che diventare famosa non ti va alla testa. Ci vediamo presto

  9. Wow what a great opportunity! How did you get so lucky to be in BH&G. What a great kitchen.
    I just came across your blog from someone else's, glad that I did.