Monday, July 13, 2009

Flying chubby cherubs "in love"...

Amore with bellissimi flying chubby cherubs pillow in natural burlap is now available.  I had such a hard time deciding what image to pair with Amore (To Love) that I never made one.  It is, after all, il verbo (the verb) in Italian!  Interestingly, the Italians do not use the word Love as we so casually do.  They use Piaciare (to like) or Desidere (to desire) but Love, no Love is used to describe "being in love" and "falling in love" - as it should be, mi penso (I think), no?

I did get several inquires about this image though as it did appear in the Better Homes & Garden photo so I decided to add it to le collezione.  Let me know what you think.  I have another image with "Love Birds" that might come next.  You can never have enough Love.

(hand-painted at the entryway of my house)

Scout enjoying the warm bricks while I photographed this morning. I "love" the chipped and faded fleur di lis pot in the background along with her leopard print collar.


  1. Gorgeous cushion and gorgeous Scout! mi piace!

  2. Buona idea degli " Uccelli innamorati" (Love Birds)and you are right I Love you is Ti amo, and we say it to our partner, "Ti voglio bene" translated is " I want you good " that doesn't sound too right! It's what we use for everyone else that we love. Looking forward to see the love birds. Ciao

  3. This is true...Italians would never say they "love" gelato; no, they like it, or want/desire some, but they don't love it.

    Amore e' veramente un verbo...

    Ciao, ciao.

  4. Love the new pillow- just wish it was a larger picture so I could see it better!! Your dog is adorable! ;)

  5. Angie,
    Double click on the photo to enlarge. Kim