Friday, July 17, 2009

Vigne di uve

In questa fotografia, ci sono uve (plural for "uva - pronounced with a soft "a" ) per vino bianco (for white wine).   

I started growing grapes two years ago.  Much like Wisteria, it takes a two years to see the fruits of your efforts and in this case I mean that literally.  This lovely cluster is hanging lazily over my fence made from, coincidentally, vigne di uve (grape vines).


  1. Love your new layout and background. Love your grapes also. Sounds wonderful to have a yard and the space to grow grapes. Take care x Julie

  2. I'm jealous...lovely bunch of grapes ;-)

  3. WOW...those grapes look so plump and fresh that they would just pop in your mouth. Maybe, soon you'll have enough to make some wine....
    Hugs, Nerina :)