Sunday, August 30, 2009

Campagnia d'Assisi (Assisi Farms)

Every month BellaRusticaMarket donates a portion of all proceeds to the Humane Society of United States and my very own Assisi Farms, named after Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Assisi Farms is a continued vision long in the making.

Yesterday I attended two Lab Rescue Fairs to search for the newest member of Assisi Farms. I brought Scout with me as she eventually will have the final say and we decided we would like to get to better know a three year-old male Chocolate Lab and have arranged a visit for this week .

This handsome boy is being sponsored by Labradors and Friends. This darling poster (and others like it highlighting different breeds) can be purchased at the same place.

Translation from Italian:

"Very Sweet, Everyone loves them!"



  1. He's a cutie! We've had two rescued Goldens and they were just the best dogs ever and I love that we were able to give them happy 2nd halves to their lives (the 2nd guy we got had been abused pretty badly). Once our yard is fully fenced we'll certainly be adopting again! I love the name "Assisi Farms" - I love the town of Assisi in Italy - it's the most peaceful place I've ever been!

  2. I am looking forward to see your boys again. We are in the process of fencing the yard for the chickens and then we can have your lab over. Ciao e mi piace il nome.

  3. He's beautiful Kim! Nice seeing you the other day.

  4. so cute you have to adopt him, what a sweetie and I can wear brown and black when I come visit ( hee hee ) what you are doing!

  5. ohhhhhh, you got me! I'm a major lab baby lover!!
    I am running over to the Labradors and Friends site now!
    Keri Pettit (Tia and Bailey's mom-of course we are labs! :-))

  6. Update on Chocolate Labbie - This young pup has some significant issues to work through and I am confident he will. I do not have the time he needs to devote to him right now so we chose another.