Monday, August 24, 2009

Here is your sign...

M a m m a b e l l a r t e c u s t o m s i g n g i v e a w ay

"Life is beautiful"

Rita Reade, la mia amica Siciliana, is running out of ideas for her lovely and truly handmade signs and needs your help. Leave her a comment with the word or phrase that you would like to see on a sign and you could be the winner. One of Rita's chickens will choose three winners upon the 100th post.

Rita made these two signs for me and there are other samples several posts down here and on her blog, Mammabellarte. Bella Rita is beautiful, talented, smart, & quick witted in a way that is all the more charming given her strong accento Italiano. She corrects my blog Italian which I appreciate but I hesitate to correct her blog English because it is absolutamente adorabile.

Buon fortuna, tutti!


  1. My Mamma was a teacher, that's were I get the correcting habit.Italiano, Francese, Inglese. And I thank you for correcting me, like picks from peeks.It would have been on my blog forever, perche' gli amici veri sono pochi. Should we have a class on Italiano?

  2. HI
    I;ve already been over there giving my 2 cents !! hehe... Love Rita's work and her blog!
    Ciao Julie

  3. My mind is spinning with ideas,