Saturday, September 12, 2009

Honoring Settembre 11

Yesterday, September 11, this lad came home with us to learn to be safe again in a world that has been unkind to him. He is five years old and we do not know his name. He was brutally attacked by two other dogs, relinquished (left) at a veterinarian's office, and then rescued by Labradors and Friends. His wounds are extensive as evidenced in the photos below. I will work with him through through this adjustment period in an effort to ready him for the perfect home. Look at that face. Another example of Grace given and received.

Next time you are looking for the perfect gift for that person who has everything, consider a donation in their name to one of the charities listed under Those that "do"... The Humane Society of the United States is the legislative voice for animals. I wish their Chief Executive Officer Wayne Pacelle would just marry me and call it a good day. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the largest true No Kill shelter in the United States and is located in Kanab, Utah. They are also a very strong voice as animal advocates in this country. Between 1950, when they started, until today the euthanasia rate has been reduced from 17 MILLION a year to 5 MILLION a year. The remaining lesson is to please spay and neuter your pets. You can actually schedule a vacation at Best Friends to work with the staff and animals AND you can bring your pets!

We walked our Labbie guest to Starbucks this morning for our usual 5 a.m. cappuccino portare la via (to go or literally to take to the street) and then on to the Pacific Ocean for a stroll through the famous Hotel Del Coronado grounds. He is good on a leash and as well as with other animals and wants to please. He honors Paws by maintaining a respectful distance and is trying to befriend Scout who is convinced that I have made a terrible mistake and surely will come to my senses by the day's end. Like much in life, this too is a lesson in patience.


  1. You are the kindest!! He looks just like our lab that passed at the age of 2. We made a mistake and got her at a pet shop- She went blind (had 2 surgeries), had hip problems (made her comfy) and then she died. All we can say is that someone else may have put her down for this and we gave her love for 2 years. Our present lab came from a local well respected breeder. There were no labs for adoption at the time. There's nothing like a lab...You do great work!

  2. You are so sweet Kim
    If I was in the states I'd want to make this boy my family. He reminds me of my brother's lab [cheetah] many years ago. A faithful friend and companion. Who could ask for more?
    Was thinking of you all on Sept 11. Take care x Julie

    PS I put a button in my sidebar ofr your giveaway

  3. what a now I CAN WEAR WHITE!!! remember when I wore white that time I met your dogs and stayed with you on St Simons Island because I guess I didn't know that they were black...too funny. Can't wait to meet the future to be name Cane Bianco....Latte...Chiaro. Congrats on a new family member!!!

  4. That's one lucky dog to have you help him out. Hope he gets a great home. He has a sweet face. I lost my little jack russell in June after two dogs attacked him; only he didn't die from the wounds but from the anesthesia. I've been just sick about it.
    All the best to you.

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