Sunday, October 18, 2009

Andiammo a Georgia - Ciao ya'll!

I have accepted a position to be a lead-instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in South Coastal Georgia. I am renting my home in Coronado and renting a darling cottage on Ocean Road on Saint Simon's Island, Georgia. I will call it Bella Rustica Cottage - villino (little villa) or caseta in Italian - and am already decorating it from California. I will chronicle the trip and cottage transformation for you here.

Because I had been fostering Kenyon for only a month when this opportunity came along I decided to adopt him. When a fostering turns into an adoption you join una gruppa speziale ( a special group) - Foster Failures.

I am not required to attend classes but I have practiced the required introduction if I had to, "Hello, my name is Kim Kelly and I am a Foster Failure". I suspect I would be in good company. Scout, adopted at the South Georgia Coastal Humane Society during my last Temporary Duty at FLETC four years ago, will be going home.

If I were being entirely honest, however, I would have to admit that within the first week of fostering I had to buy Kenyon a collar as he did not come with one and was wearing an old leopard print collar from my beloved Bear, a girl, who left us last June. The day I bought the brown and green polka dot collar I also purchased two brown and pink polka dot collars for Paws and Scout.... just in case.

Cosi, andiamo a Georgia. In about a month I will begin another adventure starting with a Road Trip across the Estati Uniti with my Labbies.

Ciao ya'll


  1. Best of luck to you!! I am sure you are going to be so happy in your new surroundings with your new companion!!


  2. Dear Kim
    1st Congratulations on your appointment! You must be well regarded in your field.
    2nd.. Clever girl finding an appointment in another beach town. I think after being so close to the beach it would be hard to be away from it.
    3rd.. Good for you being a Foster Failure. Kenyon I am sure will be a beloved member of your family.
    4th Good luck with the move... I will enjoy tracking your new adventure
    and finally... can I rent your Coronado Cottage??? hehehe.. I wish!!!

    All fabulous news.. I'm really happy for you! Such a great thing about blogging is, I'm not losing a friend.. nothing will change from this end!! xx Julie

  3. You aren't a foster failure. You became an adopter successful! A great success for your Kenyon. Congratulations of your new job and living on St. Simon's Island at that! I once read a sweet novel set on St. Simon and made me want to live there. All the best and travel safely.