Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bella Rustica Seaside Cottage

Our new home (after Thanksgiving) has three bedrooms, two baths, open beam ceilings, a working fireplace, hardwoods floors, a small sun room and french doors leading to a deck off the back. The posts on the right allow for a hammock. I will fence in the rear and side yard to secure a lovely, tree canopied area for the Labbies. Commute time is twenty minutes.

I have already created a Bella Rustica Seaside Cottage decorating notebook. This move allows me the perfect excuse to expand my style further to incorporate more linens and burlap than cottons and velvet. I've purchased several jute rugs and will experiment with more painted items incorporated with the natural woods I tend to prefer. I am having several items slipcovered and embellished with my own designs used on my pillows - Italian phrases and images.


  1. Buona fortuna!!! Sembra un bel programma e un posto fantastico.........
    Carla :))

  2. You are moving very near us. Saint Simons Island is just beautiful. Buona Fortuna con il viaggio.

    Bia (Maria)

  3. Kim
    You are making me realise how frustrating it feel for me to live in an apartment..

    I'm going to enjoy watching your progress and seeing this place come to life alla Kim!
    Ciao x Julie

  4. My husband (a federal agent) gets to your facility now and then. I will have to get him to look you up next time ;-) He is in DC headquarters now. Good luck with the move and the home redo

  5. Sounds like you are already making this new house- your home! How have the doggies adjusted to the move? probably just happy to be with you!

  6. This is a lovely spot, is that the same place from last time? I can't wait to visit!

  7. Can't wait to see all that you will do!!!

    What a great place to call home!!