Saturday, October 31, 2009

From Assisi Farms - Name the Puppy

"Rio" named by Paige

"Cocoa" named by Audrey

"Puggles" named by Sofia

"Natalie" named by Katelyn

Che bellissima e carina. My very own Assisi Farms which is supported entirely by BellaRustica has made a donation to Labradors and Friends Name The Puppy Program. A substantial portion of every sale from BellaRustica goes to sponsor the Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and Labs and Friends (see Those Who Do....)

Labs and Friends regularly rescue puppies and are requesting a $25.00 donation to help name these pups. You will receive a photo of the pup you choose and will be acknowledged on their website. I encourage everyone, when giving any gifts, to make small donations such as these in the name of the person you are buying a gift for along with the gift - especially i bambini (the children) as that gift will imprint upon their hearts. I am doing so in the names of my nieces - Sofia, Paige, Audrey, Kate, and Michelle.

"Ceci" named by Michelle.


  1. OH MY
    You are tugging at my heartstrings... it is going to be hard to resist... just wish I could have the puppy too

    I think this is a fine idea for the christmas present for the person who has everything

    Have a great weekend.. wish I could come to your little outing tomorrow.. alas .. too far..

    PS... my friend just told me there is a parcel waiting for me... excitement!!

    Ciao... xx Julie

    OOOH.. LOve your new banner also!!

  2. Wonderful idea for gift. I have done this for my son's girlfriend, as she loves animals. She was trilled with the gift of a donation
    I'm going to do this again this year.
    Thanks for the reminder

  3. Dear Kimmy. I wish that I could get Ceci . We really miss you. Love Michelle.

  4. I just happened upon your blog, got so intrigued I just had to keep reading the older posts and came up-to-date on Kenyon's story. I'm so glad he's with you now! What a wonderful home you are making for this beautiful boy and one he so richly deserves! Good for you both!
    Congratulations on your new job - your new cottage looks wonderful!

  5. I'm sure you are sooo busy right now, but I gave your blog an award...I want more people to see those pups and your shop!!!