Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost there...

We are leaving New Orleans today and heading for the Gulf Coast before arriving on St. Simon's Island. First day was Tucson, AZ where I began my recovery from the move at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort followed by a brief stay in El Paso, TX. Was able to squeeze in a quick, successful visit to the Lucchese boot outlet store in El Paso where I was lucky enough to find THE $550.00 Italian made cowboy boot I admired in my size, on sale, for $150.00. I could not help but notice how polite people are outside of California. In addition, there seemed to be a group at the El Paso hotel that were "loaded for bear" in that they were dressed in what looked to me to be hunting garb and I noticed a lot of big trucks. Additionally, the men seemed more interested in my Labs than me! Just a hunch....

San Antonio was next with a day-visit to the lovely Texas Hill Country town of Fredericksburg and lunch at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. We enjoyed many walks along the European (Spanish) influenced River Walk and now that I am in New Orleans I am more appreciative of that reprieve.

We arrived in New Orleans late yesterday and into the middle of the Bayou Classic, a two-day "event" loosely associated with football or that's the excuse anyway. I imagine the events brings almost as many people as Mardi Gras. Can you picture me walking three Labrador Retreivers through the throngs of people in town who were there to take part in what amounts to a free-for-all. I got two responses: "Oh, may I pet your dogs!" in an elegant and friendly Southern accent and then from the refined New Orleans clientele, "S $#@! those are some big mother-f^%$*@! dogs" in a Southern, urban street accent. We ended up having to stay off the beaten path and then enjoyed the relative quiet of the lovely Loews Hotel but not before Scout dived into the fountain at Harrahs as I was trying to work my way through the crowd. Just Scout being Scout...

At 3:30 a.m., I had to throw on my clothes for my Labbie, Paws (age 14), and race with her to and then down the elevator to the nearest grassy area, Bless Her Heart (said with a very practiced Southern Accent). Did you know, in the South, you can say practically anything about someone and it is considered socially acceptable as long as you say, "Bless Her Heart"?

I would say at 3:30 a.m. the population was still only reduced by 50%. I made two pre-dawn "grassy-area" runs. I was in my faded jeans with my hair in a pony tail with one or two Labs depending upon the time transiting the foyer of this gorgeous hotel among women (and men actually) dressed in furs and other garb that, in my opinion, suggested anything might go at that time of day/night. I was clearly in better company. The night was filled with police and ambulance sirens and I could not help but think of the New Orleans Police Department and all they were certainly dealing with. On one trip I shared the return elevator with a pizza delivery boy who confirmed for me this was not a favorite day for the locals. Last year, in fact, many shop owners closed their doors for business.

This morning was warm and clear as we walked along the New Orleans River Walk, my Starbucks in hand. We were up early enough that it was quiet as those who partook in the evenings events were likely still sleeping it off. Paws went as far as she could and then sat with my mom, Sally Kelly, as I walked Scout and Kenyon further. Scout, very loyal, attached to my mom as she had to Tamerie, our friend and Coronado neighbor. Made walking her the opposite direction it's own challenge. And this from a dog, when rescued, you could barely touch for the better part of a year without her moving away.

Pictures to follow as my camera cable was packed along with the controllers for all the fans in the Coronado house!


  1. Good old Scout! Of course, she dove in the fountain. That's her job!

  2. Scout dove into the fountain?!! Hysterical. Glad you are enjoying your voyage to your new home..Be safe!


  3. It sounds like you are having a great adventure on your trek across the southern tier.
    Drive safe and God Bless.

  4. Been thinking about you girl! Sounds like quite an adventure...I was waiting for my car to get an oil change the other day, and was flipping through one of many magazines on the table...and I came to the page of your feature in the BH&G issue..I blurted "that's my friend Kim!" to my daughter. She told me that you were one of her fav customers at Boney's. :)

  5. I loved reading about your adventure! So funny about Scout in the fountain! (Bless her heart)Keep us posted and enjoy your trek.
    (I hope you got the maps of Italy email)

  6. Well Howdy and Bless Your Heart for visiting our grand state of Texas. Other states are always welcome just as long as they know their manners or ours. lol
    Glad you did the riverwalk in San Antonio and Fredricksburg downtown.
    I do a Temptation Mondays on my site for artist to show their works. Not sure if you would be interested in it or not.
    Happy Holidays