Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Counting down

Mille grazie to my November customers. Each of your purchases contributed to paying off Kenyon's medical bills.

When I picked him up on September 11th to foster him I took photos of the injuries as I first saw them and shared them with you. When I adopted him I asked for his intake photos (below)
and I was left with only raw emotion at what I saw. But in that moment when that photograph was taken he was now safe. That is the temporary comfort you feel when you become involved in helping animals.

Dog rescue requires the initial removal of the dog to safety and then the transport to a vet willing to treat the animal at a reduced costs. Then there is a need to find safe shelter whether in a home or a kenneling facility. Please consider your home for temporary shelter. You can set the terms. We are all busy but I am single, a federal agent, run a small business where I do tutti (everything), manage a home and three Labrador retrievers. Make room. Trainers and other dedicated volunteers spend time with the dogs to work with them in an effort to place them. There are websites to maintain, fund-raisers to organize, "show" events to staff on a Saturday afternoon somewhere. It all takes time and it all takes money. Consider a donation in this holiday season.

We move in four days so I have closed down BellaRusticaMarket until mid-December. Tamerie Shriver, friend, neighbor, and talented professional seamstress assisted in the creation of several (well, six to be exact) slipscovers for our soon-to-be new Southern cottage. No.3 is a nod to Labrador No.3

Kenyon at his new home, safe and sound.

Intake photos of initial injuries to Kenyon's back after being attacked and then relinquished by owners who did not want to pay his vet bills.


  1. That's just horrible! I'm so glad he's safe now!

  2. Bless you for taking Kenyon in and bless all those that made purchases that helped with his bills. he looks like an absolute sweetheart. And another sweetheart is Tamerie. I read her post on the work she is doing for you and it is gorgeous, as is all her work.

    God luck with your move, Kim.


  3. Wishing you all the best in your move. It's a wonderful thing you've done in rescuing and helping Kenyon.

  4. WOW is all that I can say for your kindness and generosity for others. Kenyon is one lucky fella to have a Mama like you. I will make a donation this holiday season here in Canada because of your inspiration!!
    Good luck on your move, I have seen all of the lovely items that Tamerie is getting together for you as we follow each other! She is a doll!

  5. Oh could anyone turn their back on their dog? I don't get it..just like a lady I ran into the other day in town..she had a 12 year old pug and was looking for a "good home" for him since it could not keep up with her 3 year old very sad.
    I may not get to see you before you leave, but know that you've been in my thoughts and I wish you a safe and happy new start in your new home. Please come by to visit when you come back to Coronado.

  6. You rock dog rescuer!!
    I'm a friend of Tamerie's, Maija.

  7. We are presently the proud owners of our third German Shorthair Pointer rescue - Maggie. Our first was terribly abused and was deposited at the shelter with puppies - all of whom had to be destroyed. Liz almost was, but we worked with her and let me tell you, she was the sweetest, funniest nut ever. She had been abused by a hunter - shot, rope burns, flinched anytime you stretched or raised your hand to get something, cringed at any kind of "clicking" noise - yes, even the click of a pen. What is wrong with people? Our current little girl was bred with a pit bull who then decided to try and make mincemeat out of her. She now is on the offense with any other dog (wonder why). So she must be in a one dog house. Shame, because pointers are high energy and love to be with other pointers.
    Anyway, thank you for doing all you do for these precious pooches - you are a blessing!

    Lisa Leo