Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grazia (Grace) e Auguri per 2010

At the risk of waxing poetic as we begin our new year, I will simply point out that our canine friends have their priorities intact all year round. For Kenyan, it is chasing squirrels, deer and birds. For Scout, it is chasing Kenyon chasing squirrels, deer, and birds, and for Paws, at 14, it is watching Scout chase Kenyon chasing squirrels, deer, and birds.

Last Sunday, as we walked that glorious beach so close to our new home I looked up at the sand dune and saw two gorgeous deer and for a moment - and only a moment - I breathed that image in until Kenyon and then Scout took off after them. I called to Scout and she returned ("Good girl Scout!) but not our new boy. I had visions of my yellow Lab chasing behind the deer across the Salt Marsh which they crossed at low tide. About 15 minutes later he returned, chest out and tail wagging, very proud of himself. We're working on that...

The week prior I finally finished installing that fence. We cut around the Cypress tree on the right side of the house as it's trunk grew somewhat parallel to the ground and into the neighbor's yard. That last fence post was barely in the ground more when I saw Kenyon simply step up onto the old wood file sitting underneath it, onto the tree truck, and - you guessed it - right over that new fence. I spent the better part of last Sunday further securing that area to prevent any further flights of fancy. I removed most of the woodpile that day and will finish the rest tomorrow. Never a dull moment here in our new home in South Georgia.

Auguri per 2010!

Luna Azur (Blue Moon) - 2009

Usually, we experience a full moon once a month because the monthly calendar was built on the lunar cycle (29.5 days). But once every 2-1/2 years, those extra half days add up to two full moons in a month.

In 1943, Sky and Telescope Magazine erroneously wrote that the second full moon in any calendar month was called a blue moon. The label stuck and is still used today. It’s relatively rare that a blue moon would fall on New Year’s Eve. The last time that happened was 1990. Even more rare – there were two blue moons in 1999, one in January and one in March. That happens only about four times a century.

Interestingly enough, this is not where the expression “once in a blue moon” comes from. According to NASA, that phrase is believed to have originated in 1883 after the eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Krakatoa. The volcano put so much dust in the atmosphere that the moon actually looked blue in color. The event was deemed so unusual the phrase “once in a blue moon” was coined.

Take a moment to go to the blog of my very talented friend Julie at Being Ruby for her gorgeous photographs of the Australian Blue Moon - one of which I swiped - and you'll see why I feature her blog.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yountville, CA. I took this photo on a trip to the Napa Valley last Christmas because I liked the color combinations. Yesterday, my friend Cordelia Mendoza of Cottage Antiques , Ocean Beach, CA, coincidentally sent me a photo of the same bistro in response to my request for assistance in how to combine my style of rustic neutrals with my new yellow cottage. Cordelia, along with two other friends, recommended painting the orange shutters a faded green. Faded green shutters is Italy to me.
I was going to stick with white but when I put a pair of white shutters over the orange shutters even I could see I needed to chose differently. Using Bistro Jeanty as inspirazione I am now committing to colore, faded green and even red and somewhere some of that leftover Espresso used in my bedroom. I am even going to price a striped awning.

Almost forgot...the fence is almost done. Today I learned to work around the root systems of the gorgeous Live Oak on the right. Finish up work and the gate are tomorrow.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Color and fencing

The yellow bedroom in the yellow house.

For those of you who don't know me, I am drawn to all natural colors and fabrics and only use a splash of deep garnet when I use any color at all. My move East to a beach cottage presents an opportunity to try something new but my challenge is to be creative in how I blend my style with what is already there. Since I am not going to paint the outside of the cottage I have decided I want to paint the orange shutters by the door. Suggestions? Have not decided on color yet. I changed the yellow paint in what will be my bedroom immediately. I was going to stay neutral - oatmeal or parchment - but decided to take a look at the OOPS paint at Home Depot. OOPS paint is the mistake paint that gets sold for $5.00 a gallon or $1.00 a pint. Can you believe I found two gallons of Espresso colored OOPS paint! The french doors which open onto a back deck, white ceiling and built-ins, and skylight in the bedroom offer the light needed to counterbalance dark walls. Stand-by for le fotografie.
My back deck is rotted to the joists. Watch your step.
I had to fence the front-yard as the backyard only consists of that lovely deck.
And so it begins...Thursday it was 80 degrees and those darling bugs were out in full force. Pray for my protection from these demon creatures. Friday it was 40 degrees and I was ripping open boxes looking for my wool socks and the jacket I bought for all-night duty calls processing crime scenes. So much rain today and tomorrow the fencing is on hold. Just another chance practicare patienza (to practice patience).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fatto Limonata (Making Lemonade)

Siamo arraviata! (We have arrived....). It was actually last Monday evening. First thing Tuesday morning I went to Bella Rustica Cottage and what I encountered gave new meaning to the word rustica. The cottage had not been cleaned; there was one broken window and two others were cracked; half the windows were not screened and of those that were most of the screens need to be replaced. One window does not open at all and another opens but does not stay opened. The kitchen sink leaks when you turn on the water and there is only one drawer in that entire kitchen. Fortunately there are two bathrooms because one toilet needs work and when I went to flush it as I was trying to make my own repair the handle came right off. Two days later 8500 pounds of my "household goods" (a polite phrase) arrived and was placed inside and around la mia bella casa so I am staying. Then is started to rain and only stopped this morning. Lezione (Lesson): Focus on the positive or ...... make lemonade so sono fatto limonata (I am making lemonade).

1/10 of a mile from my back door

After I made a few phone calls and got a cleaning crew started I went to Home Depot to order fencing and to pick up six 8 foot 4x4 fence posts. Although fit I just could not lift these and I began to feel the frustration and fatigue of a cross-country drive set in when I heard a young man ask if I needed help and I said, "I really do". He was not an employee but got what I needed lifted and loaded and then said he was glad to help and walked away. He had no ulterior motive except to assist me and I suspect he would have done so had I been male or female, black or white (he was black), young or old. I actually had to compose myself as he walked away because I could feel a flood of emotions already watering my eyes. "Thank you" I whispered within myself as I could not have managed the words. I walked by him and a friend later and I thanked him for helping me then as he passed. I heard his friend say, "Man, I would have helped her more".

I found the ceiling fan remote controls for my home in Coronado so will get those in the mail tomorrow. Still looking for my camera cable to share photos. Discovered a few things I had forgotten I had and, overall, have come to quickly to the conclusion I still have troppo tutti cosi (too many things).

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. Buona Domenica (Good Sunday)!