Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fatto Limonata (Making Lemonade)

Siamo arraviata! (We have arrived....). It was actually last Monday evening. First thing Tuesday morning I went to Bella Rustica Cottage and what I encountered gave new meaning to the word rustica. The cottage had not been cleaned; there was one broken window and two others were cracked; half the windows were not screened and of those that were most of the screens need to be replaced. One window does not open at all and another opens but does not stay opened. The kitchen sink leaks when you turn on the water and there is only one drawer in that entire kitchen. Fortunately there are two bathrooms because one toilet needs work and when I went to flush it as I was trying to make my own repair the handle came right off. Two days later 8500 pounds of my "household goods" (a polite phrase) arrived and was placed inside and around la mia bella casa so I am staying. Then is started to rain and only stopped this morning. Lezione (Lesson): Focus on the positive or ...... make lemonade so sono fatto limonata (I am making lemonade).

1/10 of a mile from my back door

After I made a few phone calls and got a cleaning crew started I went to Home Depot to order fencing and to pick up six 8 foot 4x4 fence posts. Although fit I just could not lift these and I began to feel the frustration and fatigue of a cross-country drive set in when I heard a young man ask if I needed help and I said, "I really do". He was not an employee but got what I needed lifted and loaded and then said he was glad to help and walked away. He had no ulterior motive except to assist me and I suspect he would have done so had I been male or female, black or white (he was black), young or old. I actually had to compose myself as he walked away because I could feel a flood of emotions already watering my eyes. "Thank you" I whispered within myself as I could not have managed the words. I walked by him and a friend later and I thanked him for helping me then as he passed. I heard his friend say, "Man, I would have helped her more".

I found the ceiling fan remote controls for my home in Coronado so will get those in the mail tomorrow. Still looking for my camera cable to share photos. Discovered a few things I had forgotten I had and, overall, have come to quickly to the conclusion I still have troppo tutti cosi (too many things).

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. Buona Domenica (Good Sunday)!


  1. Just remember to "Breathe" Try to think of it this way....some people have no home to repair, they just get a new cardboard box. You are so right in your lemonade making ;-) Good luck at your new job and with your new fixer upper...Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like you are keeping the serenity prayer handy!
    I love the photo of the beach out your back door. How wonderful for you and the puppies!
    God Bless and be well Kim!

  3. Amica mia! Ti ho pensato durante il lungo viaggio. Spero che il primo giorno di lavoro e andato bene. Baci ai cagnolini e a te. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  4. And now it's raining here. Hopefully, your rain has let up and the dogs are getting out and enjoying their new environment. Can't wait to hear how work was today. Knock 'em dead, Gibbs!

  5. so glad you are here! I wish I could be there to help out!

  6. Just think of how wonderful it will be when you are finished!!! And that this is only temporary. And that now you get to put the things in that you want to and maybe change things up a bit. It may be a blessing in disguise but you won't know that until it is all done:) Good luck and try to have fun with it.
    Blog: The Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. I wish you had a better welcome...why do people do that? When we moved in, the previous owners took all of the lightbulbs!! Not kidding...and several windows were painted shut Things can only get better, I guess! There are all kinds of people-your HD tale tells of that! Hope you and the pups settle in well..good luck at work!

  8. Can't wait to see your new place!!! you'll have it up and looking beautiful in no time I bet!!

    Glad you got there safely!!

  9. Hi Kim,
    I cannot imagine dealing with what you encountered! I probably would not have handled it well. :( I know you will have it whipped into shape and I can't wait to see the pictures. The one you posted of the water is breathtaking.. wishing you the BEST!


  10. Hi Kim
    Sorry I missed wishing you well for your first day at the new job.

    Hopefully you have recovered from your travel exhaustion .. and really so much change can be exhausting too.. but I just know you will make that place sparkle under your clever and talented care...

    Your story re the young boy brought a tear to my eye.. i find i get teary quite easily at the moment through tiredness also.. but also through the kindness of strangers.. very sweet!

    Hope the doggies are doing well and settling in. They're going to love that beach.. I know I would...

    Take care and best wishes... for your wonderful new adventures... xxx Julie