Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grazia (Grace) e Auguri per 2010

At the risk of waxing poetic as we begin our new year, I will simply point out that our canine friends have their priorities intact all year round. For Kenyan, it is chasing squirrels, deer and birds. For Scout, it is chasing Kenyon chasing squirrels, deer, and birds, and for Paws, at 14, it is watching Scout chase Kenyon chasing squirrels, deer, and birds.

Last Sunday, as we walked that glorious beach so close to our new home I looked up at the sand dune and saw two gorgeous deer and for a moment - and only a moment - I breathed that image in until Kenyon and then Scout took off after them. I called to Scout and she returned ("Good girl Scout!) but not our new boy. I had visions of my yellow Lab chasing behind the deer across the Salt Marsh which they crossed at low tide. About 15 minutes later he returned, chest out and tail wagging, very proud of himself. We're working on that...

The week prior I finally finished installing that fence. We cut around the Cypress tree on the right side of the house as it's trunk grew somewhat parallel to the ground and into the neighbor's yard. That last fence post was barely in the ground more when I saw Kenyon simply step up onto the old wood file sitting underneath it, onto the tree truck, and - you guessed it - right over that new fence. I spent the better part of last Sunday further securing that area to prevent any further flights of fancy. I removed most of the woodpile that day and will finish the rest tomorrow. Never a dull moment here in our new home in South Georgia.

Auguri per 2010!


  1. Of course Kenyon stepped right over the fence. I wouldn't expect less of him!

    Happy New Year to you and the kids!


  2. HI Kim
    Your story brings back many memories of our golden lab. My brother got him when he was 2 and he loved to go walkies. We once had someone return him to us after he had followed this man onto a train and travelled quite some distance. Luckily his tag brought him back. Enjoy his adventurous spirit!!! and have a wonderful New Year xxx Julie

  3. Buon Anno Nuovo amica mia! Come back. Ciao Rita

  4. Buon anno nuovo a te la mia bella amica!

  5. Happy New Year! I thought of you twice this past week-as we drove down to Florida day after Christmas and on the way back when we passed through south Georgia. Out the window-what did I see? -the "blue moon" what a sight. We had gorgeous weather in southern Florida but it was quite cold in south Georgia on the 1st.
    Love the labbie story- So far Logan is like Scout-but if she saw a deer, the Kenyon would take over, I am sure!