Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yountville, CA. I took this photo on a trip to the Napa Valley last Christmas because I liked the color combinations. Yesterday, my friend Cordelia Mendoza of Cottage Antiques , Ocean Beach, CA, coincidentally sent me a photo of the same bistro in response to my request for assistance in how to combine my style of rustic neutrals with my new yellow cottage. Cordelia, along with two other friends, recommended painting the orange shutters a faded green. Faded green shutters is Italy to me.
I was going to stick with white but when I put a pair of white shutters over the orange shutters even I could see I needed to chose differently. Using Bistro Jeanty as inspirazione I am now committing to colore, faded green and even red and somewhere some of that leftover Espresso used in my bedroom. I am even going to price a striped awning.

Almost forgot...the fence is almost done. Today I learned to work around the root systems of the gorgeous Live Oak on the right. Finish up work and the gate are tomorrow.


  1. Your cottage is fabulous and I like the idea of faded green shutters. That will look great with the natural surroundings.

    Sounds like everything is coming along wonderful. Best of luck and happy holidays!


  2. I bet the dogs will be thrilled that the yard will finally be theirs! I think, in the end, your little cottage is going to be all yours! In spite of your original plans! Can't wait to see the transformation.

    Ricardo put blinds on the front window. It just doesn't look the same.

    Pet Scout, Paws and Kenyon for me!

    Hugs from Coronado,

  3. Your right these shutters will be prettier in a color other than the white.
    I love your cottage picture

  4. I also think that green shutters woul fit perfect to your house. Yellow white and green ist my favourite combination for a house :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful thursday from Germany

  5. Hi Kim, I love the color of the shutters. One of my wishes for 19years is been having a Red door! I almost convinced Deano. For this year the kitchen will be RED! Miss you

  6. yes I think the green would be nice....good call...

  7. or of course espresso color would also work for me

  8. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!

  9. Your house is looking Fabulous!!!

    Thank you for sharing all your projects with us!

    smiles, Joy~

  10. It's really taking shape! Fence looks great, can't wait to see the final paint job on the house. Hope you have a peaceful week Kim.


  11. I love the photos of your fence; it's taking shape, isn't it? (Probably doesn't feel like it to you). Gretchen's comment about the espresso color is so funny because that's a color I suggested as a complimentary color somewhere. Like minds, eh?

    Kim, I hope you have a nice Christmas with your three pups! I'm sure they'll be owning that yard in no time. What a treat for them and they'll be out at the beach, too. . . they've got the life!

    Miss you, too! Bob says 'hey'!

    xo, Cordelia

  12. Hi Kim
    You've done a wonderful job on that fence... quite industrious... I'm sure whatever you do will look great. The faded green or the expresso would look great. Maybe even a charcoal.

    I hope your first Christmas in the house was relaxing and happy with all your pups to keep you busy.. Take care xx Julie

    Thank you for all your support this year... the big surprise of blogging was all the new friends who popped into my life.