Monday, January 4, 2010

Cucina (Kitchen)

I've decided. If the owner of the cottage I am renting here on Saint Simons Island, GA, will commit to a three-year lease, I am redesigning la cucina to make it more efficient e bellissima. Right now I have one drawer and an odd configuration of cabinets not easily accessible plus an entire wall, wasted, because it sports a washer/dryer hook-up. I thought to just run bead board on top of that but it's only a band-aide and does not address the serious lack of cabinet space or the fact this kitchen lacks everything else to include charm.

"It's a rental" you say and a month ago I would have agreed but before I left my darling cottage on Coronado, CA, I sunk $4,000.00 into it. It never looked better than the day I pulled away from the curb. So, I've decided, instead of complaining about this I am going to enjoy another creative endeavor and take you along with me. I am already off to a good start because there is concrete under the hideous linoleum so I am hoping that is in good shape and we can do something with that. I say we because I will be relying on you to weigh-in and keep me focused. I am thinking concrete, natural and painted woods, & rustic but elegant shelving to display tutti bellissimi cosi (many beautiful things). In order to be able to access a couple of pans I hung them on a old pot rack which I had mounted on a piece of fencing that is falling down beside the house. I loved the faded, chipped blue paint and the moss. Goes perfectly with my over-sized completely impracticale Cucina sign. Thinking of using salvageable back decking from the deck re-do for the counter-tops. Cosi, vieni con mi...

Gretchen Georges, international flight attendant, photographer, mother, and good friend to me has promised me a visit to CUCINA (Kitchen), a lovely shop a Roma next time we get a chance to travel together. I like the combination of the natural woods and a hint of industriale.

Via Mario de Fiori, 65
00187 Roma

Once I get my new kitchen here in order I am hanging Gretchen's great prints Vino e Olio prominently; see Travel with Symphorose Photography for your own set.


  1. Hey Kim
    Well wouldn't a trip to Roma be the best!! I just wandered around all day when I was there.... shops, piazzas whatever, but always on foot as there is so much to see,..

    Looking forward to seeing your Cucina!! and Gretchen's prints are delightful!! Take care xx Julie

  2. Exicted to see what you do with the kitchen!!

  3. Thanks Kim, whatever you put your mind to turns into magic! Remember that! G

  4. Love the Cucina sign! Oh my, can't wait to see the work in progress! Nothing like switching things up, especially when you may be there a while. Make it cosy, make it yours!


  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I am sure it is going to be spectacular!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. I tried to contact you on your website but the email page was not working. I have a small boutique in Oklahoma and think your pillows would do wonderful here. Believe it or not the burlap phase has not caught on here quite yet. I am wondering if you sell wholesale and what the pricing would be? You can contact me at
    Thank you, Paula