Sunday, January 17, 2010

Operazione Cucina - Giorno II - pomeriggio (Day 2 midday)

Scout & Kenyon helping... "go play please". Dog hair and paint bring with them a challenge all their own. Paws just rests & watches all the action, deeply sighing at various moments as though to let me know she is well and approves. At 14 and half, she is my heart.

Kenyon not helping. Good boy.
I woke early and continued to scrape linoleum. I have come to the following conclusions as a result: Linoleum is hateful. That's all I have to say. Jimmy Butler showed up at 8:30 a.m. and finished the shelving, hung the shelf I found on sale yesterday for $90.00, & moved the lighting over the sink. I patched drywall damage & scraped more linoleum in between dog walks to the beach. Today was gloriously blustery and warm. I love having the front door and windows wide open and today allowed for that which was a welcome change to the freezing conditions several days ago. I opted to leave the bark on the countertops and not to plain them but to honor their natural shape. This evening I will glaze the walls with paint the color of oatmeal.

My Coronado, CA, kitchen, due to appear in Better Homes and Gardens sometime this year, cost me approximately $35,000.00 for a complete renovation. This cucina will cost, with hired labor (mine not included), a little less than $1500.00. Mr. Butler's expertise cost me $570.00 for 13 hours; wood for the shelving cost$162.00; Southern yellow pine countertops were $200.00 with delivery; cabinets were $200.00; $90.00 for the decorative shelf; and the rest is for baskets, paints, glaze, wood stain, and butcher block oil.

Left to to: flooring (yet to be determined) and to finish countertops - a process of sanding and applying thin layers of butcher block oil.


  1. The joys of renovations. But, the dogs are great. Even when underfoot.

  2. There is much pleasure in simplicity.

    Your dogs are precious!


  3. Che e' bella la cunina nuova! Ora io e Dino veniamo a cucinare per te. Baci

  4. HI Kim
    Dear little paws reminds me of my family dog.. you know I still think of her and that is 30 years ago..!!!

    Well the kitchen is coming along well.. earthy but light! Your so clever!! .. Did you think of maybe buying a free standing cupboard as a pantry.. that way you can keep it when you move.. down the track...maybe you don't want something so bulky...

    Well I love your kitchen and your cleverness.... Have a great week Kim, can't wait to see more... xx Julie

  5. This is great Kim! I can't wait to see the final posting..the walls, the floors, the whole banana! Your kids look so happy in their new surroundings. It's cloudy and cold in aren't missing anything!


  6. Your dogs are gorgeous ! And I bet that your work wouldn´t be half as funny without their "help" ;-))

    I love your shelf ! Have fun with remoddeling.
    Kindest regards from Germany

  7. I have a very good feeling about you will be simple and lovely.
    Your friend,

  8. looking great can't wait to visit!

  9. Looking good so far!! Can't wait to see it finished!!

  10. The dogs look so happy in their new home.

    I LOVE what you've done to the kitchen - so you . . . can't wait to see photos after the oatmeal glaze is on the walls.

    Nicely done!

  11. Hi Kim,

    So much fun spying on all that you're doing (oh, with the dogs of course).

    I love Montepulciano so was immediately grabbed by your blog. I've bought some wonderful handwoven rugs there in the village.

    Have you ever been to Castiglione del lago on Lake Trasimeno?? Wonderful village.

    I too am an island lover. I live in California half a year and on an island in Maine half a year (a bit colder than your island).

    I'll enjoy dropping by your postings.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island