Monday, January 18, 2010

Operazione Cucina - Giorno III (end of Day 3)

I stayed up until 0100 this morning talking to a friend as I cleaned, glazed walls, painted cabinets, arranged and re-arranged, hung clocks, photos, and other items I brought together to create what I think has successfully amounted to a farmhouse look. I am pleased.

I need to finish cleaning the linoleum floors before I decide what I am going to do for flooring. If the concrete under linoleum cleans up well I'll keep it and lay down area rugs. If not, I'll likely lay linoleum squares in black and khaki as they are about $1.00 a piece. For now, I unrolled a large seagrass rug to cover the unfinished flooring.
My La Vita e Bella sign, lovingly created by la mia bella amica, Rita Reade of MammaBellarte, will find a new home above the shelving this week. I will hang coffee cups from the lower part of the shelving to continue to maximize space. Today I conducted inventory of every pot, pan, and food item and gave away everything I had not used in the last year. How many pots and pans do you really need? I was committed to finding a home for everything in the space you see in these photos and that is what I did.

On Friday, as we were removing the cabinets from over the sink, I found a long under-cabinet light that I was not aware was there. I had it removed and stood facing significant damage to the drywall in that area. I did not do a good job of fixing it so after I'd sanded and glazed the area I stood looking at it, disappointed, and then walked right into the dining room and removed the clock from that wall and hung it above the sink. It hides the damage perfectly. I had the electrical moved above where the clock sits and simply installed an outside barn light given to me by a friend. The combination of clock and barn light begged for more balance so I walked the house and re-located the mirror. I then hung both a metal wheat sheath I purchased here from a local cooperative boutique and a hand-drawn picture of a rooster created by a friend's son to complete the corner.

Because the color of the appliances do not match I am going to experiment with hiding the dishwasher by hanging a linen or burlap curtain. I almost never entertain with any formality so the dishwasher is used more for storage than anything else.


  1. Amici, I have lost several of your comments so if you don't see them here, please would you re-send. Grazie! Kim Kelly

  2. Well, you and your handyman did a great job! It looks 100% better and much more like 'you.' It's not your kitchen here, but it is certainly closer than before.

    Now we are getting the rain here! It poured today and is supposed to for the rest of the week. We need it, but I prefer it to rain just at night and be sunny and warm during the day.

    Pet the dogs for me!


  3. HI Kim
    it is looking great... love to see a close up of the walls . I am intrigued about the glazing...

    So... that clock.. I have the same clock... well mine is not so much a clock now.. Mine had suicidal tendencies. It kept jumping off the wall until it finally did itself in.. I kept the pieces and will think of something to do with it one day...

    I think the burlap across the white appliances could be good too... I feel like i am in the twilight zone right now... just the other day I had to buy a new microwave and went cheap... so white.. I thought I could over the area with a simple curtain on a hinged rod that could be swung back out of the way... of course i have ideas but don't implement as you do!!!

    It's all looking great Kim... it must be feeling more like home now??? Hope so... take care and catch you soon... xxx Julie

  4. Aloha,
    love the post on your charming kitchen! I absolutely am crazy for the Crown rug Carpe Diem!! Fabulous!!
    love your taste!
    Aloha wishes from across the sea

  5. It's all coming together very nicely! I love you sign and will have to check out your friends blog. Could be trouble! :) Also love the crown rug! You've done a great job and are working at record speed. Probably need to head back to work to have a rest!


  6. It looks fantastic! Amazing what you can do if you are creative!

  7. The kitchen looks fabulous. I smiled when I saw the Barista Espresso Machine next to the stove. We sure do miss you on this Island.

  8. Ypu have gotten so much done in such a short amout of time! It looks warmand homey! Perfect!
    Love the shelf and the sign, of course, and the baskets are a great idea!

  9. E` veramente una cucina bella!

    btw, i have that exact same barista espresso maker...makes a molto delizioso cappuccino.