Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love to All

Giorno di cuore (Valentine's Day 2010) - There is a scene in Under The Tuscan Sun where Diane Lane's dear friend arrives unannounced at Lane's Tuscan home only to interrupt possible amorous possibilities between Lane and her ragazzo (literally translated as "boy" but means boyfriend).  Once the friend realizes her timing leaves un po' (a little) to be desired she apologizes profusely for ruining Lane's "love life" explaining she is in the middle of her own crisis of the heart.  Lane tells her, "You are my love life" and I remember thinking, "Ain't that the truth!"   So, today I wrote to everyone who means something to me to thank them for being my love life. 

I also chose to honor both my mother and her sister, my Auntie Gayle, and Gayle's husband, my Uncle Rod. My father, who died when I was 19, was an only child so my mother's family, The Fergusons, are my only extended family. My aunt has just completed two cycles of very difficult heart and lung chemotherapy. This is her second round with cancer.  Today her stem cells were harvested successfully.

She will have about 9 days to recover and then go back in the hospital for month or so of more chemo to destroy her bone marrow in order to replace the stem cells with  those harvested and cleaned today (they will be frozen - cryogenics).  She will then be isolated for three weeks or so while the bone marrow regenerates and her body heals. 

Please take the time today to reach out to someone and simply tell them what they mean to you.  I painted the words, "Love To All Who Enter Here" above the doorframe of my Coronado, CA, home to remind me and all those who pass by to remember to love because we forget sometimes, don't we?  And please pray for my aunt in those quiet moments of your day and send her love.  Much love to you - Kim, Paws, Scout, and Kenyon

My home, Coronado, CA.


  1. I'll send some extra prayers for Aunt Gayle.


  2. Buona Festa di San Valentino Cara Kim, ci manchi. Ciao Rita

  3. Dearest Kim
    Much love to you too... and I will be keeping your aunt in my thoughts and prayers... Happy Valentine's Day to you and your brood. xx Julie

  4. Dear Kim,
    Please know I am keeping only good and loving thoughts for you and your family. I lost a dear sister to cervical cancer , so I know full well the angst you are all going through. It such a hard battle...but it can be won! Happy Valentines Day.....Ciao, Janet

  5. Great post. I'll be praying for your Aunt and your family.

  6. love to you can't wait to see you hopefully soon!

  7. Hi Kim- I will keep your Aunt Gayle in my prayers tonight. It's a tough treatment as I watched my husband go through that exact same treatment, but he will be celebrating his 4th year anniv. in April. Being isolated for the 3 weeks was very difficult as he was an "outdoors" kind of guy and he missed our doggies something terrible! Love the picture of your little house in Coronado.. be well.


  8. Cara Kim!

    I love under the tuscan sun!...what a beautiful quote and sentiment!...on valentine's day weekend, we were able to share la contessa and the mountain with my mom, who is visiting from coincided with the first anniversary of my father's passing...bittersweet, but my mom said she felt closer to heaven and my dad, as we are nearly a mile high in altitude on palomar mountain...on saturday evening, we watched the sun slip into the ocean leaving behind a stunning red-orange sky...and, at that moment, all seemed right with the world...we celebrated my dad with a great dinner and reminisced about why and how much we love and miss him...he was a wonderful man!

    and just recently, via facebook, I reconnected with a dear high school friend I lost touch with many years ago...your email reminded me of how our friendships - whether at age 14 or 40 - all shape our lives in countless ways...some of which we never realize until many years later!

    so...I thank you, kim kelly, for including my address in your email...and thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

    we send our prayers to your auntie gayle and uncle rod

    ciao bella!

  9. Thank you for your beautiful email which left me feeling so wonderful-like part of a very special circle. You are right about showing loved ones and distant ones that you care while you can. I made sure I did.
    Prayers are already being sent for your loved ones and you!

  10. Kim - Thank you for including me in your email. You're the best and your words are always so heartfelt. . .
    Cordelia (kisses from Frankie & Bella to their Aunt Kim and a big "hey" from Bob)