Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spice (update): Lovely pink toes

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Miss Spice in her new home; see March 7 posting. She was resting quite comfortably after her doggie-spa pedicure in her newly claimed chair overlooking a picture window into the backyard.  I am happy to report both her new collar and tags match her toenail polish.
Pedicure courtesy of the Clack girls:  Adair, Lauren, and Gracie.


  1. Waaauwww, that's special. I hope she likes it. Greetings, Lilian

  2. What a wonderful photo...I can see that on a Hallmark doggie card!

  3. I love it!!! Perhaps Scout needs her nails painted?

  4. What a wonderful story! Miss Spice is a lucky little girl indeed. How wonderful that you placed her in such a loving home. Loved the pink polish!
    My heart belongs to rescued dogs!

  5. That is the sweetest! I won't let Logan see-they'll be no living with her if she thinks all the girls are painting toes! So funny!
    Lucky spice!

  6. How cute
    She is certainly a princess now!! xx Julie

  7. Thank you Kim for all you did in helping us here at Max's Animal Rescue place Spice in such a great home. We can see by the pictures she is loving every minute of her new home. What a great family she has found and it is because of your love for the animals.
    Thank you