Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter - Experiencing loss

This Easter morning I walked my two youngest Labs, Scout and Kenyon, the 4-mile round trip to pick up my Starbucks.  En-route I saw a truck hit a deer as he crossed the road.  The driver's bumper sustained enough damage to cause it to fall off but he was able to drive away.  Although I saw the deer skip into the nearby wood I was not convinced, as I wanted to be, he would fair as well so I watched him and he watched me.

I did not have my phone or my car so I walked the 30 minutes home and called the local police and agreed to meet them back where I saw the deer enter the wood.  As I waited for the officer to arrive I saw the deer laying down now so I made my way towards him and found him dead.  What a beautiful animal, I thought sadly. I suspect from his size and small antlers, he was a child. I had seen three dear, two adults and a child, in this area before.  I left him there when I saw two other deer waiting nearby.  As I waited by my car I saw other deer come to his body and remain there.

I was reminded of when Bear, sister to my 14 1/2 year old Paws, died last year and I arranged to have Paws and then Scout spend time with Bear's body.  Kenyon was not part of our family then.  It matters to let them know what happened to their mate or child - always their friend.

The police officer arrived and was genuinely relieved to know the deer was dead otherwise he would have to shoot it, per policy.  I felt compassion for this officer in that moment as we both stood in silence with that emotion hanging between us. We ask a lot from those who are the guardians of our safety and our country.

Deer standing over the body of fallen child.

This day represents loss, love, and forgiveness in the most poignant, direct, and committed way possible.  

The message today is to live deeply and with commitment if you have the courage to do so.  If not, then please just stop complaining and move back into the shadows where you stay hidden.  Or step up and make a difference where you can when you can.  I entitled the side-bar, "Those Who Do" for a reason.  Consider donating twenty-five dollars today in someone's name to honor them and then tell them you did so and why.

Today is in honor of those who do and for those we miss who did for us. I find solace in thinking of that beautiful deer greeted by my Bear in a warm, golden field not too far away.

In gratitude for this day,


  1. I am stepping up! Life is too short. Che esperienza hai avuto. Buona Pasqua Baci Rita, Deano, Alan, Raffaele, Duke, Zope, Boo e Benny

  2. You scared me. When I saw the title, I thought oh no, Paws. Thankfully that was not it. :-). Happy Easter to you,iss Scout, Miss Paws and Master Kenyon.


  3. beautiful post. Thank you for sharing

  4. That's supposed to say Miss Scout. I left the comment from my phone and it was kind of hard to see what I was doing.

  5. Hello Kim...what a touching post. My original neighbors here in Virginia owned two chocolate and one golden. We live about 1 mile from Rt. 29 which can be very busy. They were always worried that the dogs (they were inseparable) would wander that way and get hit. Well it finally happened and we found the chocolate lab lying in the crossover and the golden lab standing guard. She had stayed by her brothers side all night would not let anyone near her fallen was heartbreaking to see and so very honorable at the same time. What a fabulous breed. You are a good woman to take the time and do what you did for the fallen dear. Thanks for a post that reminded me that we need to always take care of each other...;-)

  6. Great post Kim. As always, thoughful and thought provoking. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  7. Hello Kim
    I just come from Spain to your blog from Julie's blog, to wish you a happy day of your birthday, though it is the first time that I visit you.
    Ador your country, I know Florence and I believe that you are lucky for to live in such a beautiful city full of incredible works of art.
    Regards, and I will turn more times to visiting you,


  8. Good morning Kim,
    This is a beautiful and touching post and I am glad that I did not miss it...however I am here ...sent over by Julie at Being Ruby to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. What a beautiful post...sad, but a reminder of the fragility of life for sure...this is totally the opposite train of thought, but I just thought I would share on my dogs' blog last summer I posted a photo (wish I had a video camera) of when a deer came out of the woods and cautiously approached our Jedha as I think with his coloring and deer-like tail, the deer thought perhaps he was a lost would take a couple steps, stomp its' hoof to see what Jedha would do and then move a little closer. Of course, in the end Jedha did start to growl, and then bark, and off the deer went, back into the woods, but it was truly a remarkable thing to see! Their blog is :)