Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

A gorgeous birthday post from Julie at Being Ruby greeted me this morning.  I'd sent her a photo of my pups and asked her to do her magic for me for my birthday and she did that for me and more. Take a look...

Mille grazie bella amica. 

Here is the original photo.

Original photo plus Julie's ethereal quality. Incredibile.


  1. Julie is sweet and talented. I can't wait to see her card for you.

    Happy Birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday Kim! I hope you have a wonderful day full of blessings.
    xx, Michelle

  3. Happy Birthday Dear Kim
    I hope your birthday brings you much joy and is full of wonderful surprises.... Have a great day!!! xxx Julie

  4. Happy Birthday Kim.

    Enjoy your special day. You certainly make my life special.


  5. Buon Compleanno Kim! e tanti in piu'. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  6. Happy Birthday Kim!

    I am a newbie to your site via Julie. I love the March 8th post and plan to visit many older posts.

    Have a wonderful Birthday blessed by human and canine family.


  7. Sending you birthday wishes from California..That photo is fantastic! Love what she did with it too. :) My daughter's birthday is tomorrow..BIG 2 0 !

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I'm guessing you didn't take the week (or even the day off) like last year. We have no house sale to prepare for either! Whatever you do, I hope you are having fun. Emily sends her greetings, too!

    Love and hugs,

    P.S. We'll talk later. I am tied up this morning and afternoon.

  9. That was really cool! Although the photo as is was gorgeous too! Happy Bday!!

  10. birthday wishes from canada.
    all the best to you !

  11. just popping over from miss julie's blog to wish you a happy birthday! julie does amazing things with photos...your doggies are adorable. all the best!

  12. What a beautiful birthday gift! Presents don't always have to be tied with a bow, they can come in the sweetest and kindest ways and be so much more. . . Thank you for sharing your special gift with all of us.

    Joyeux anniversaire!


  13. Happy birthday Kim.
    I'm new to your blog via Julie @ Being Ruby.
    She did a fantastic job with your photo ... a talented lady... and so are you with all your beautiful craft work.
    I'm now a follower.

    Enjoy your day!

  14. Best wishes Kim for a wonderful birthday...just read Julie's comments, love what she did with your photo!


  15. Happy Birthday to you!!! Hoping that your day is happy and wishing you a year full of dreams come true!
    That pic is beautiful! Of course it is!

  16. By the way... I passed on a Beautiful Blogger award to you on my blog. If you'd like, come on by!

  17. sorry I missed you but Buon Compleanno all the same! We were in Seattle, busy traveling around with Zoe! Hope it was great! Love the juxtaposition of white and black with the dogs! Miss you!

  18. Happy (belated) Birthday! Your Labs are gorgeous - such a beautiful photo ♥

  19. Hi Kim, yesterday I was one of the lucky winners of Julie's giveaway (so excited) and in an email exchange I told her I was going to spend the day on Jekyll Island. She told me she had a friend living on St. Simons. Long story short, I've been reading back on your posts. I see you only moved in December from Coronado. I moved to Saint Mary's, Georgia just over a month ago. While I moved from Tampa Bay, Florida, prior to that I had spent the vast majority of my life in Southern California. AND, my 12-year-old dog is a lab mix. Funny, don't you agree?

    btw, I loved Jekyll Island. Nice to meet you.