Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our First Georgia Summer

You know that saying about not knowing you were unhappy until you were happy?  Well, I never realized how spoiled I was regarding weather until I moved to Southern Georgia from Southern California. Southern California has the most moderate and predictable weather in all of the United States.  I kept my doors and windows open to the fresh air for much of the day, evenings, and many nights eight months out of the year.  I never thought I would adjust my life for half a year based on black flag weather warnings associated with heat indexes over 100 degrees, thunderstorms and lightening, tides, insects, and alligators but yet here I am.

As I get ready to post new products I have to have flattering photographs.  If you saw a video of me trying to get those photos you'd laugh out loud but not in front of me.  If it's not the humidity which fogs my camera lens (see above) it's the bugs in the grass that seem to bother no one but me.  The dogs lounge around in it quite lazily while I am slapping my legs, arms and back without mercy & am using language I am ashamed to admit to as I try and talk to myself about maintaining discipline and composure so I can get what I need and get back inside to my air conditioned fortress.  Despite all this complaining, I like it here.  The people are lovely and the pace of life is slower.

What I've found interesting about extreme weather is the respect you begin to have in order to co-exist.  In California, I never gave a thought to the tides, for example, but here I do.  If I paddleboard in the marsh I must do so at high tide or I cannot get out or in as the case may be.  Worse, I might get stuck out there with no way to get out (or in).  Same in the ocean here but for different reasons.  A paddleboarder can simply carry her board over a sandbar but the incoming tide has such a strong current that one would do well to respect it.


  1. I am also a southern Cali girl, transplanted in Texas. I completely understand what your saying and miss the weather so much but I'm trying hard to appreciate where I'm at. Although, I have to say, I'd take a roller coaster earthquake over a tornado any day of the week. haha!
    Good luck to you!

  2. Hi looks a bit like France at the moment. Not the water, because I live in hilly/ mountain area Auvergne. But the weather has been very hot over here with no air.

    Good luck with your product shots ;-)
    and the insects.


  3. Brings back memories of Houston, which I miss dearly....NOT!!!!! Humidity and bugs are the worst. But snagged a Raggazo!

  4. Let me tell you I know how you feel exactly, this weather here does not please me at all!!!! I miss the West Coast! Hang in there.

  5. ohhh...I have been waiting for your first post about the BUGS. We are indeed spoiled out here! I'm looking at that picture and thinking how in the heck do you keep from falling off! lol...Don't keep us in suspense on your new friend. PICS please. :)

  6. very high humidity right now in southern ontario as well.
    good luck!

  7. Welcome y'all!! A Georgia native welcomes you! Georgia summers are not or the faint of heart! This summer is hotter earlier than last year. But the trade off is that...ahhh, just wait for the winter..delightful! So remember, the pace is slower, we talk slower and life, in general, is slower. It's just too hot to move any faster!!

    Katy :)

  8. Well, it was 100 and humid here in NY, if that helps at all! Funny, we have an ocean here and lots of heat, yet we go down south every summer! This year we were thinking the gulf, but now thinking SC, GA, or FL...and I always forget about the bugs! Nice places on the islands there?
    Our lab, Logan, has a new development-seasonal allergies-she actually has hives all over!

  9. Despite the humidity, I can tell you pillows are lovely! I am so happy to hear you have a raggazo!
    That made me smile this morning (even before caffe creme). All places have unique circumstances, but before long, it will be a distant memory and will become the norm. I used to live in So. Cal. too, now living in Kansas and my family stills calls everytime we have a "severe weather watch" :)


  10. Hey Kim!!
    Well that is some humidity you have there.. Sydney has been the same the past few summers and expect it will be again ... cold wet and wintry right now!!

    I imagine it is hard to adjust.. but glad you have found yourself un regazzo!! .. know that word well from language school in Firenze... just never got to use it.. hahaha... good for you!!!

    Always love your cushion.... you've got the golden touch!!! xxxx Julie

  11. Well being an Indiana girl...I have no experience with either:)
    but I do know all about humidity fogging my camera!
    If you know what to do about it....please share:) :)