Sunday, September 12, 2010

Southern Porch Swings - barn and burlap

My apologies for the delay in between posts.  The basic training course required for virtually all new federal agents at The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center here in our new home in South Coastal Georgia is called the Criminal Investigator Training Program and it is three months long.  Once a student graduates from that course they proceed to their own agency's specific training and that is what I am in the middle of instructing right now.  My agency's course is another three months for the students which makes for a long time away from home.  The students graduate in two weeks to the well earned title of Special Agent and then my schedule will be a little more predictable.  I will miss the classroom and instructor environment though.  

In between after-hours surveillance courses and before dawn "Duty Call" practice, I picked up the latest copy of Garden and Gun magazine as both the title interested me as did the cover of Nashville, TN, designer Rachel Halvorson and the gorgeous porch swing she created. Both the swing (made of reclaimed barn wood) and the photography are bella and rustica.  As you would imagine the gun portion focuses on hunting so the photos of the sporting dogs caught my eye. I researched more about Rachel and found her blog, The Nest Egg, which I have now added to my list of Places to Stay Awhile.  Best of all, Rachel shows you how to build your very own swing which I fully intend to do for my new home which I will tell ya'll (part of learning Southern) about next week.....

Notice the burlap accent pillows - works everywhere...

Several days later I went to my favorite Saint Simons Island shop, Viola's Market, and saw this stunning, burlap upholstered swinging porch swing replete with burnished nail heads and similar heavy rope.  Now I am thinking of creating both for that extra wide screened in porch I am planning.  That will be part of my new home which I will tell ya'll about more about next week. Please check back,,,


  1. Yes...very interested! Hello Kim..welcome back to the blogosphere. I have missed your posts about your dogs and the little cottage. Hope all is well. Have a nice Sunday.
    Janet xox

  2. The porch screen is awesome!! I love seeing burlap used in new and interesting ways. Tahnks for the link.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your new house! Hurray for you!


  3. LOVE the porch swings!! Can't wait to see the new place!

  4. HI Kim
    So glad to see you back in blogland... sounds like you have been extra busy... and enjoying the challenge..

    Now those porch swings are gorgeous.. How I would love one of them... need the home first!! haha... so intrigued re your comment on new home..

    Have fun over the next few weeks... xxx Julie

  5. gorgeous porch swings! those courses sound interesting also.
    good luck finishing them up

  6. The porch swing is from Griffin Creek & designed by Ellen Burton. See our FB page for more and our web site
    Thw swing comes in other fabrics also.