Sunday, October 17, 2010

Announcing Changes with Two Fall Giveaways

Bella Rustica
Buona Notte (Good Night) Line
Giveaway - Burlap lumbar Buona Notte pillow

Choose from either style - black ink with closed sides or brown ink with one open buttoned side. The lucky winner will be announced on November 1 from those who both post here.  Double your chances of winning by adding your name to Lettere di Amici (Those who Follow). If you already follow, say so in your post and I will add a second opportunity for you to win. 

(There's more).

Everything on Bella Rustica Market (except the Broken Twig Chandelier) will be available at 50% off beginning November 1 through December 1 but only to those who both post here (so you might win a pillow) and invite two  friends to Follow me on the blog.  Let me know your name (blog or otherwise so I can identify you....) along with the same information for your friends and your name will be added to the list and I will take your order at that time.  Some items, like the flag of Florence, are in limited supply so get your order in as soon as you can.

Perque (why) you ask?

 I am beginning the re-model of my new home here on Saint Simons Island, Georgia and want to both down-size a bit and kick off the holiday season with give-a-ways.  Join me here often from December on as I detail every creative project in this three month full-house re-model.  The kitchen of my Coronado Island, California home is featured in the Winter edition of Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Makeovers.  It is entitled Italian Seasoning and will be featured here next week.  I spared little expense on that project. My new home, Bella Rustica Cottage, will be completed on a budget which requires all my creative ingenuity & ability.  

Take a look at my additional Buona Notte line.  All but one item are one-of-a-kind.

Also available for sale on November 1 is one unique set of decorative pillow cases for a regular sized pillow...
- $65.00 for the set -

and one unique pale green colored regular sized ticking striped sham (shown) and one navy blue colored regular sized ticking striped sham (photo available) highlighting Buona Notte (Good Night) in black script. These are darling in children's rooms and will also be available on November 1.
- $40.00 each -
Decorus Vita Giveaway
Burlap with Latin Phrases Line
Giveaway - burlap doubled sided pillow

My dearest friend, Patsy DesChenes, of Decorus Vita Mercatus (Latin for My Decorated Life), has created a handsome line of burlap pillows with Latin Phrases.  She uses each image only once so each pillow is literally one of a kind.

Her giveaway features a unique, one of a kind, 16" burlap pillow printed on both sides with Latin phrases. Side one is the image of a beautiful angel reaching towards the heavens. Imprinted with "Divinitus" which translates to "devine influence". Side two, the timless and familiar Latin phrase, "Carpe Diem" (Seize the Day) is imposed over an antique time piece. The pillow is made from two hues of natural burlap with a feather and down insert.

Enter to win by leaving her a comment. Double your chances of winning by adding your name to her followers. She will announce the lucky winner on November 1. 

Take a look at her tre-chic French Line as well and watch her blog for offers similar to mine as she takes a soujourn to travel.