Sunday, July 24, 2011

MINI Cooper - the newest member of our family

I promised myself that one day I would own another car just for me less dog hair and with all features working. Yesterday I bought a silver 2006 MINI Cooper convertible similar to the one below.  I pick it up domani (tomorrow).

Much like La Vespa, the MINI Cooper has lots of interesting history.  In 1959, the classic Mini was launched.  Small yet affordable, it soon became a favorite of The British Postal Service, police, and the military. By 1961, improvements are made by John Cooper and the Mini becomes the name in performance racing winning Monti Carlo three years in a row.  In 1968, the Mini could not pass emission inspections in the United States so sales here are halted and not seen again on American shores until 2002. When production of the classic Mini ceased in 2000, BMW (the new owner of the brand since 1994) announced the successor to the Mini. The brand name for the new car is MINI (written in capital letters), and it is commonly called the "BMW MINI" or the "New MINI".

50th anniversary Mini stamp
  In 2009, the British Royal Mail released a limited edition of stamps entitled ‘British Design Classics' that featured an original, Egg-Shell Blue Mini Cooper.

Vintage Mini, Italy.
Iconic photos to follow celebrating classic design.

Lovely drive in the country...

Convertible design.

Sporty elegance and style.

Mini classic.

Molto Italia (very Italy).


  1. First time to your site. LOVE IT. Working late, not much time to visit. Would love to win something, anything!!!

  2. Love your site. Working late, not much time to visit. I will be back. Would love to win something, anything!!

  3. excellent photos and music.