Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Empty Nest - one more give-a-way

Meet my friend, Janet (whom I have not actually met) at The Empty Nest.  We "met" a couple years ago when my article came out in Better Homes and Gardens.  
 I love this quality in the women I have in my inner circle - "meeting",  knowing.... 
They are defined by utmost integrity, commitment to self & others, and an ability to continue to learn about themselves and to help me to do the same.
I celebrate them.
Cordelia, Mary Beth, Tamerie, Patsy, Edry, Sandy, Michele, Margo, Sheila, Billie, Carol Ann, Mary Helen, Patrice, Patty, Jenna, Karen, Dore, Roxanne, Linda, Jenifer, Davene & Christiana

I am entering and fully embracing a new time in my life that is exciting, stimulating &
all the more honest and real.
Despite being fairly non-traditional in the very traditional man's world of federal law enforcement I have made my own way & created a great life.
With dogs,
I have lived in Italy on three occasions, worked in Guantanamo Bay, traveled across the entire United States (San Diego to Georgia where I am now) another three times,
stretching my wings further advocating on behalf of dogs, taking greater risks in love &
further defining integrity to self & others (very simple actually - play by the rules and treat others as you would like to be treated),
and have come out 
better, stronger, wiser...
& very content.
In celebration of my 50th year, here's one more give-a-way -
- one Semplificare burlap pillow over fleur di lis-
 (to Simplify in Italian).
Tell me about how you have committed/re-commited to living fully....
in integrity, honesty & wisdom to self.
Leave a COMMENT and become a FOLLOWER.

I celebrate you.

P.S.  This month's BellaRustica proceeds go towards the Wellness and heart worm exam for the "petite" Dalmatian mentioned in previous post (returned to very loving family) and Beau's slow (successful) 
9-month heart worm treatment. Contact me for details on alternative treatments.

BellaRusticaMarket will be closing at the end of January in order to pursue other dreams.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mobile Spay and Neuter Bus coming to South Georgia and New Years Day Rescue Story

As you know,  I am an advocate for adopting dogs.
Labrador Retrievers, America's favorite dog, are the most relinquished pure bred so consider adopting from a breed specific rescue group if you have your heart set on one.     

Pit Bulls are the most destroyed and perhaps the most misunderstood. 

Each year 5 million healthy animals are euthanized in the U.S.

The only answer is to spay & neuter our pets.

Last week I was contacted by a lovely woman who has offered to donate many of the needed medical supplies for a Spay and Neuter bus.  If will be the first in SouthEast Georgia.  A bus was donated to 
Max's Animal Rescue
a local group I support.
Another good friend of mine has offered to assist in the fabrication of the bus itself.

New Year's Day Rescue 2012
It was the best way to start the New Year here on Saint Simons Island, Georgia.
I found this very sweet, senior "petite" dalmation wandering on a busy road on New Years Day morning.  I learned days later that she had been picked up the evening before and then - sit down for this - put back outside at 2 a.m. when the girlfriend of the person who had her objected to the dog being in the home.  I found her five hours later at 7 a.m. It took her awhile to come to me but eventually I got her - cold, tired, & hungry.  

Despite the frantic owner's daily efforts there was a disconnection in communication at our local Animal Control whom I also contacted.  I had fliers up at our local vet (whom Animal Control contacted too),  pet supply market, dog beach, & the area I found her but it took five days to put owner and dog together.  Last Friday evening, I got a phone call from my favorite vet tech, Mary (our hero), who was reading the Humane Society website when she saw this:

A woman by the name of Susan came by looking for her family dog, Maggie, who has gone missing FROM REYNOSO AVE. ON ST. SIMONS ISLAND over the last 5 days due to neighborhood fireworks (fear of loud noises). She is about 10 years old and may limp due to pain in her rear right leg (arthritis). She will email me a photo so that we can post it on here soon, but physical descriptions are: she is a medium size dog, droopy ears, long tail, short coat, white with black spots, dalmation mix. She is up to date on rabies. She may cry in the cold because of arthritis pain. She is very sweet, old, and will respond to "Maggie". Thank you everyone for your help and passions for helping familes reunite with their pets. Call Glynn County Humane Society.

Two phone calls later, Maggie was re-united with her owner.
It takes a village sometimes....

The winner of the La Vita e Bella pillow is the stunningly lovely & talented 
Dore from Burlap Luxe
Authentic with a touch of soul...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

La Vita e Bella final give-a-way

 In celebration 
of what promises to be a great new year, here is one more give-a-way to say
bring it on!

Life is Beautiful
(La Vita e Bella)

Script on lighter burlap over faded floral & crown image   or    script on natural burlap with fleur di lis image below

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Winner chosen January 10th.

Winner of the fleur di lis ceiling tin is the very talented Rosemary Barnes 

Take a look at what she's done with these vintage items. 
Click here to see what they are - Rosemary Barnes
 Bookmark Rosemary for re-designs, finds, tutorials and more.