Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Empty Nest - one more give-a-way

Meet my friend, Janet (whom I have not actually met) at The Empty Nest.  We "met" a couple years ago when my article came out in Better Homes and Gardens.  
 I love this quality in the women I have in my inner circle - "meeting",  knowing.... 
They are defined by utmost integrity, commitment to self & others, and an ability to continue to learn about themselves and to help me to do the same.
I celebrate them.
Cordelia, Mary Beth, Tamerie, Patsy, Edry, Sandy, Michele, Margo, Sheila, Billie, Carol Ann, Mary Helen, Patrice, Patty, Jenna, Karen, Dore, Roxanne, Linda, Jenifer, Davene & Christiana

I am entering and fully embracing a new time in my life that is exciting, stimulating &
all the more honest and real.
Despite being fairly non-traditional in the very traditional man's world of federal law enforcement I have made my own way & created a great life.
With dogs,
I have lived in Italy on three occasions, worked in Guantanamo Bay, traveled across the entire United States (San Diego to Georgia where I am now) another three times,
stretching my wings further advocating on behalf of dogs, taking greater risks in love &
further defining integrity to self & others (very simple actually - play by the rules and treat others as you would like to be treated),
and have come out 
better, stronger, wiser...
& very content.
In celebration of my 50th year, here's one more give-a-way -
- one Semplificare burlap pillow over fleur di lis-
 (to Simplify in Italian).
Tell me about how you have committed/re-commited to living fully....
in integrity, honesty & wisdom to self.
Leave a COMMENT and become a FOLLOWER.

I celebrate you.

P.S.  This month's BellaRustica proceeds go towards the Wellness and heart worm exam for the "petite" Dalmatian mentioned in previous post (returned to very loving family) and Beau's slow (successful) 
9-month heart worm treatment. Contact me for details on alternative treatments.

BellaRusticaMarket will be closing at the end of January in order to pursue other dreams.


  1. Hi Kim, another beautiful GiveAway!!

    I wish you and your dreams well. I do hope that while you are persuing your dreams I still hope part of it includes you still blogging with all that inspires you and us so!

    Happy Birthday Kim! I am in your age group as well what a mile stone hitting the big one :)
    What an interesting life and journy you have been on thank you for sharing it with us all. :)

    See you soon my sweet friend.
    Blessings +

  2. Loved the pillow you sent Janet-Your adventures are never ending-congrats and well wishes-Claire

  3. I have a large plain gold band that I wear on my right hand - the inside is inscribed as follows - "To Thine Own Self Be True". This is my commitment to myself. I too am turning 50 this year and am grateful for the lessons I have learned in these past years and excited to live fully the next 50! Happy Birthday -- and thanks for a chance to win :) laurie

    1. Laurie, It's funny you mention your ring. I have one similar and some days I wear it on my wedding finger to signify commitment to self. Do me a favor please and e-mail me a week before your birthday, would you? Kim

  4. What a lovely pillow and fantastic cause, have a very happy birthday! X

  5. Happy Birthday Year!! Love Janet's pillow! I found you through her post about you house renovation and have followed you ever since!. As a Savannah girl, I am always interested in Coastal Georgia posts(although I am now in Macon). Your new home is beautiful! I love the raised beds in the front yard! Hope you enjoy the year and thank you for the opportunity to win a gorgeous pillow!

    Katy :)

  6. Being a full time student these days leaves me feeling pretty stressed, but I try to enjoy every little moment, even if it's just a great cup of coffee or a good blog read. I have been trying to talk less and do more, but it's always a work in progress...thanks for the giveaway, I love burlap!

  7. Kimmie,
    You are the most creative and the most thoughtful person I know. Follow your path... this is a big year for you and you are already turning the corner... enjoy the adventure and create something amazing like you always do!!!

  8. Kimmie,
    You are the most thoughtful and the most creative person I know. Thank you for including me in this special group! This is a big year for you and you are already turning the corner... Enjoy your journey and continue to create as you always do.

  9. Kim,

    Happy Birthday! I celebrate you, as well, and thank you for being a kind friend.


  10. Kim, Dear sweet friend,
    I am done with designing your header and play list, just stopping by to see it through the eyes of a visit while just listening to its music that inspires all things ROMANTICA!! :)

    It was a pleasure to create a site page for such a giving soul. Hope this inspires you to follow your dream while still creating them.


  11. Kim - I discovered your blog by visiting Janet's Empty Nest blog. Your items are beautiful! I have just turned 42, and I have decided that this is the year I finally need to take care of ME! I am a Mom, wife, carpool driver, etc. and although I have said it in the past, I mean it this year! I have begun some new friendships with some amazing women and I have a goal - I am training to climb Maccu Pichu in Peru before I turn 45. It is something I have always wanted to do and I am excited about reaching my goal!

    I wish you the best of luck with you adventures!

    Michele Dambach
    P.S. I rescued a Schnoodle about 2 years ago and she has been the best addition to our family life! I feel sometimes as if she rescued me :)

  12. Dearest Kim,
    I have read messages from women in their 40s and 50s and I turned 63 this December. My Mother who turned 87 this January has always told me that every decade moves more quickly than the last....she is so right. Enjoy and savor each and every MOMENT!! I am returning to Italy again this need to come! We love and miss you and wish you much joy and peace in this next journey and decade.

  13. Turning my home into a homestead and place of refuge have forced me to live more fully and honestly. Walking away from malls, suburbia, and gluteny of all things material have made me slow down and listen. Listen to the men in my life (Son, Husband, Dog and Cat) and the one female (other cat)and their contentness and joy of life. It has allowed me to grow as an artist, mother, wife, and animal lover.

  14. After watching the demise of my mother and her passing from alzheimers I have learned to embrace each day and live like it could be your last. Life is a precious gift, live it and tell your family how much you love them as often as you can.

    You have a beautiful blog and I admire your work!

  15. My five dogs are spayed/neutered and my Prodigal Son Border Collie, Jake, is soon to be neutered. He comes and goes, despite a double and in some places, triple fence but, little by little, he's been de-wormed, vaccinated and neutering is next. The three house cats are spayed as are the stallions and rams.
    My days are spent adjusting to being a new widow and new my blog, Wife to Widow is my attempt to help others make positive changes to decrease the financial burden when a spouse dies. There's plenty of information about what to do when a spouse dies, but Nothing on how to prevent losing a small fortune to corporations and governments upon such a death.
    Dave and I made many dreams come true and while those dreams are gone, new dreams are in the making.
    Life is good and God is great.

  16. You are so genuine and generous. Kim it seems it stage of our loves bring a new adventure and I have no doubt you will add to your book of life!

    Art by Karena

  17. Hi Kim~~ I have just found your blog through Dore at Burlap Luxe and I am your newest follower. Happy Birthday to you and I love that pillow. Simplifying my life is a goal for 2012.
    Ciao~ Cheryl
    Fresh Vanilla For C

  18. I try to be the best I can be; but know that no one is perfect. I spend too much time trying to figure out what I did wrong. My goal is to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated not just because it makes me a better person but because they deserve it.
    Your commitment to your cause is so admirable. Happy Birthday!

  19. Blessed & happy belated birthday Kim!... Thanks for a beautiful giveaway... and a thought provoking post.
    Whether we are younger or older, I think it's so important to recognize the moments in life.... not just the years, months, weeks, days, hours... but the moments... I've noticed that as "each day is truly a gift" has begun to sink in, I have continually become more aware of trying to bless and help many around me... but sometimes in doing so, it has been to my own demise... I am battling life threatening health issues for more than 5 yrs now... After the medical teams told me to "get my affairs" in order several years ago, I began to fight even harder to live,... and live to the fullest... giving of oneself, to help others and be there for them. But these past few months, I have begun to realize, that in that journey if we don't care well for ourselves, then we cannot be there for others.... Though we often talk about taking time for self, many times we feel guilty about it..I have begun to realize this is a false assessment... if I don't strengthen myself, and encourage inner growth & healing & rest, as well as physical healing, then what I have to give others is often less than what it could have been. I have also committed to, in love, being a better listener... and praying more for people. Another re-commitment I have made, is to start my day with more private time and meditation ...trying to spend an hour each morning to have a cup of tea and have quiet time in thought before the details of the day weigh in heavily! I used to go early in the morning to the beach side, before the hustle and bustle of each day started... I would take a blanket, a light sweater, and a travel mug full or hot chai, or tea and have an amazing time by myself at the seaside... gazing upon the waters, watching the birds, listening to the sounds of the sea... would love to be able to start that again!!!
    thanks for drawing us to think on these things Kim!

  20. Just found you through empty your work! I simplified my life 10 years ago, after a sudden serious illness sidelined me for 6 solid months. I learned that life is short, and there is no time to waste...I surround myself with good people, and don't stress over the ones that "suck" all the energy from me! (100% healthy now!)

  21. I simplified my life 10 years ago after a sudden serious illness (all healthy now!). I realized life is too short-I surround myself with good people, especially family, and avoid the ones that suck all my energy!

    I found you through Empty Nest. I love your work!