Sunday, March 4, 2012

The elegance of rustic series - the rustic bathroom

Euro-chic or elegantly American rustic?
 You decide...
but whatever you do
don't forget The Bathroom.
Oh, the possibilities and as my good friend Emily Dickinson always encourages...

For years I have dreamt of living in a loft replete with bare, brick walls, open beam ceilings, extra large windows and lots of natural light.  Instead, I bring to my homes along the way the best of every one of these elements when I can and how I can.
 You can too.

You just have to decide to dare it...
Adding non-traditional elements - while keeping the standard tub and toilet - is not a difficult as you may think especially if you are re-modeling the bathroom but not increasing the footprint.

 Essentially, then (since toilet and tub remain) you have only to concentrate on creating a sink area.  Wall color and texture is do-able for each of us.  

Like life, the beauty then, is in the details...
 Consider placing the faucet on the wall above the sink rather than the traditional placement and being open to using a non-standard vessel sink that sits atop the vanity
simply a non-standard sink that sits in a non-traditional vanity.

- Paint the door.
- Lighting: Replace the ceiling light fixture with something interesting.  Although I am not much for bling in general, I love it in a small area.
- Frame the shower with a hand-made shower curtain (I would choose burlap) right at ceiling height for added impact 
or frame in the area above the shower, like the photos, if you're not lucky enough to have a shower set behind a wall, as above, and trim out the top.

It can be less than 500 dollars to have a custom table built with open shelving and cutting the hole for your sink into it.  
The cost is in creating the cabinets so...
                                                                            don't have cabinets.  
Use baskets or "skirt" the vanity much like the kitchens in my previous post. 
Who says the mirror has to go directly over the sink? 
Placing it to the side is truly as effective.
This photograph inspired me so much it is included in my blog header.
 Rustic flooring will anchor the non-traditional approach
 so take time to consider all the options. 
Home Depot sells a 24 x 24 honed travertine marble tile in Walnut for $1.88 a square foot.  I installed it in both my kitchen and my bathroom - see below.
(my kitchen)
(my master bath)
I encourage you to create an overall plan so you choose well as you go.
Collect photos of what inspires you and create your canvas from there.
So much worthwhile simply takes time.
Enjoy your creative process and let it feed and take you to new places.
Consider shutters on either side of your window.
Regularly peruse eBay and Craig's List for great deals on fabulous "sinks" and then get creative about having them built into a vanity or mount it directly on the wall.  
With simple baskets and organizational elements, 
you can create a stunning bathroom
 for less than 1000 dollars.


  1. Great posts take time and hours, but the rewards are worth the outcome. This is a beautifully inspiring post. I love that galvanized sink would I not? Not practical for me or many I am sure, but a room not used on a daily basis then it would wow a bathroom soulfully with a sink to love.
    Keep inspiring the beauty all around you Kim, I really cannot wait to see what you do with your beach house, I am having visions of it right now!

    I wish I could buy the house your in right now, but life is not in that direction for me at this time. The new homeowners are going to cherish all the love you put into your small villa!
    What do you think you will do to your new bathroom:) ??


  2. Beautiful images..I hope to someday have my dream bath! You have to check these pictures of another dreamy home.
    I think you'll enjoy them. Are you planning a trip to Coronado anytime this year? Would love to see you again!

  3. Hi Kim! I hope this isn't a double post as my last one went POOF! These images are dreamy! Check these out..I'm sure you will love them too.
    If you ever return to San Diego, hope you can stop by for a visit.

  4. thanks for the note Kim..I work every Wed-Fri-Sat at the new shop on Orange. Hope to see you!

  5. Gorgeous photos Kim. I LOVE the mirror in your blog header ♥

  6. Wonderful photos! These bathrooms make me want to change mine right away. I think it's time to make some plans for the future :)

  7. I agree, it is the details...whatever they may be....
    Love your photos and ideas....
    though my new bathroom won't be as rustic, take a look at what we are doing...

  8. Kim, I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Beautiful post. Hugs P.S. I invite you to join us at the blog hop :-)