Saturday, March 31, 2012

In celebration of women "of age" & my birthday month

I will be 50 on Easter Sunday this year.
It's lovely this birthday fell on this particular day...
Anniversaries of this sort are a natural cause for reflection and an opportunity to re-define the next chapters.
Don't you love that, opportunities to re-define...
As I think about what inspires me in very simple ways I am struck by the importance of a natural beauty, specific to each of us, and how that is defined in the collective.  I think we would all agree that, at our age, beauty without substance is, well, not interesting (to say the least).
Isn't it really about taking physical, spiritual & emotional care of ourselves,
being our word,
showing UP for people and life,
& staying the course...
with integrity.
It isn't always easy or pretty but if we don't learn and grown from our mistakes, we miss the lesson...
and it's all about what we are learning as we go. 

Here are a couple of simple images that inspire me.
I hope they inspire you to and that you'll tell me about it.
Audrey Hepburn 
1929 - 1993
British actress & humanitarian
Knows who she is...
Knows where she is going....
Confidence & mystery.
The classic leather mini with "sensible" heels. 
Simply sexy. 
The simplicity of elegance. 
Full turtleneck and longer skirt. 
It's about what is not shown. 
No need for commentary...
(Defined by image)
Polka dots and red lipstick - classic elegance.
White linen - simplistic elegance.
Bare feet.  The ultimate in natural elegance. 
Linen shirts and jeans.
Lucchese cowboy boots - Classic Collection
 Red lipstick. 
Love it. 
More to follow...


  1. Happy Birthday dear Friend.

    A glorious day to celebrate.

    I have been so busy with this remodeling of a customers home, having my contractors tear down walls add can lights, pendant lighting and also dealing with my shop, getting new tires on my car, and sickness over here.
    I am hoping to be able to have down time this coming week now for myself and time to pay more attention to my dear friends (You!)

    I am off to go place and arrange my shop space with great new finds.

    I am so loving my peaceful visit with you on your Birthday :)

    Let me know how all went in San Diego!

    Lots of Blessings
    Happy Easter.


  2. My birthday is easter Sunday also. I turn 37. Thanks so much for reminding me to think of something other than going off my diet to have cake.


    1. Ro,
      I wish you Content over Happy (but that too...) I often make no plans on my birthday and this day will be done this way as well. It reduces expectations and allows surprise, like your note, to enter. It made my day.

      Thank you for your comments (and all that wrote directly to me).

      In gratitude and grace,

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes ♥ Hope it was wonderful!
    Love the last photo of you walking with your sweet dogs.