Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspirazione - in preparation for This Old House photo-shoot

This Old House 
                                                                     photo-shoot is next week
The woman who has made all this happen signs her e-mails with her name and 
"Divine Style Editor at Large"
Now, how much fun do you think she will be......
ALOT  I would strongly wager                                   
                                                                                 Her first name is Sunday, by the way.
These photos inspire me.
Their meaning is likely apparent and all combined they cover the categories of everything that makes my life interesting.
 The combination of masculine & the feminine.
 The magic of natural light and a ladder to the open beams & loft, 
natural flooring surrounding jute pulleys 
supporting the 
raw beauty of naturally shed antlers.
 The poetic simplicity of nature atop nature.
 I am all about "The message".
 For those who know me...
it all began with two of these stunning creatures.

In honor of Bear and Paws
 1996 until 2008 (Coronado, CA) & 2010 (Saint Simons, GA)
From that point on, 
I could never turn my back 
  and pretend I did not see...
Natural simplicity.
 The combination of textures and age...
 One of my life's most simple pleasures... a good cappuccino.
 Red toes (and lipstick)....another very simple pleasure of mine.
 Travel -
A reminder of my last long sojourn in Italy.
I was living in Montelpulciano, Toscana
                                                                                          to attend Italian language classes. 
This was my idea of vacation.
Every morning I walked down a cobbled-stoned street and would stop in at a church prior to class to light candles.  
 I admire natural beauty & a woman who takes care of herself in a way that radiates the same. 
 You must admit, there is beauty in this photograph...
and this one.
The Italians & the French have this part right.
Scout and I on the steps of the former "The Pink House"
preparing for photo-shoot of our local Golden Isles Living magazine.