Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Elegance of Rustic Series - The Barn Trolley Door

It begins here.                                     
 The classic and iconic barn.

Weathered wood and rusted barn trolley track hardware....

It's easy and inexpensive to bring it all inside .
     All you need is enough room on either side for the door itself to slide over.
The traditional galvanized metal hardware costs less than 100 dollars at the local hay and feed store, Tractor Supply...

 First, find a door or shutters (or two) that you are crazy about.
Remember, they don't actually have to close perfectly together or even close at all...
                                                                       it's up to you, so use your imagination.

 Although the center door is stunning, look to the left for additional inspiration here.  
The door does not have to serve as a centerpiece to the room.

 The contrast of the white walls with black doors adds undeniable impact.

The simplicity of a glass door is elegant.

One huge door is a strong masculine, clean statement I would replicate in a heartbeat.

 Here are several examples of spaces that would likely have otherwise been left open but adding the colored doors hung on the barn trolley hardware defined the space.

 Take a look at what Amy from Whisperwood Cottage (click here) did.

She chose a great door...

 vintage hardware and created a memorable statement.
I have returned here again and again for inspiration. 

 I love that dramatic effect of the natural wood against the starkness of a clean palette.

 Such a clever use of space!

 Imagine this kitchen without these doors....

 One of my favorite examples of maximizing creativity and huge impact.

Design dilemma:  Big television set.
Can you imagine this living room either without these doors...(love these doors).

Statements like these are worth thinking about and planning for. 

I have to finish with a great door...

  e Amore.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coastal Farmhouse Chic

Creating Coastal Farmhouse chic
I am designing a 1000 square foot beach cottage using these photos as my inspirazione.
Cottage chic.

Combination of gourmet range and pieces of furniture instead of cabinets -
smart, interesting & functional.

In small spaces, sometimes "big" is just the right choice.

Oyster "bling" - along with jute twine.

Rope and metal window tieback from Restoration Hardware

The iconic galvanized barn light - 20 dollars at Lowes

The colors of the coast
 - weathered grays & natural linens as primary backdrop
- aged leather furniture for dogs as slipcovers, although lovely in theory, are too much work for our busy home if you have too many
- much faded blues & greens as accent
- galvanized metal and zinc
- sisal, rope & baskets