Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coastal Farmhouse Chic

Creating Coastal Farmhouse chic
I am designing a 1000 square foot beach cottage using these photos as my inspirazione.
Cottage chic.

Combination of gourmet range and pieces of furniture instead of cabinets -
smart, interesting & functional.

In small spaces, sometimes "big" is just the right choice.

Oyster "bling" - along with jute twine.

Rope and metal window tieback from Restoration Hardware

The iconic galvanized barn light - 20 dollars at Lowes

The colors of the coast
 - weathered grays & natural linens as primary backdrop
- aged leather furniture for dogs as slipcovers, although lovely in theory, are too much work for our busy home if you have too many
- much faded blues & greens as accent
- galvanized metal and zinc
- sisal, rope & baskets


  1. Sounds like the home I have been creating here at Sea Cottage for 6 years. Love all your inspirational images...and your new blog banner which I am guessing my dearest sea maiden friend created for you~ Dore`. Looks like her graphic expertise. Enjoy your new coastal haven.

  2. Hi Kim dear,
    I am so loving all that you inspire over here, I so feel this cottage and all that you will put into it. I really loved your invite I may hold you to it :)
    The outdoors and indoor inspiration for your lights are just the same ones that I have been looking at. I say do. Them at that price on down the line you can change them out if you want to change them out. I want to make my own shutters and then add those lights. Thank you for all that you have inspired.
    Oh I need to add a mix pod play list of music for you, they took playlist away from bloggers ugh!!
    Have a beautiful blessed Sunday.

  3. Your inspirations are all beautiful. I really love that kitchen, so gorgeous!