Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Elegance of Rustic Series - The Barn Trolley Door

It begins here.                                     
 The classic and iconic barn.

Weathered wood and rusted barn trolley track hardware....

It's easy and inexpensive to bring it all inside .
     All you need is enough room on either side for the door itself to slide over.
The traditional galvanized metal hardware costs less than 100 dollars at the local hay and feed store, Tractor Supply...

 First, find a door or shutters (or two) that you are crazy about.
Remember, they don't actually have to close perfectly together or even close at all...
                                                                       it's up to you, so use your imagination.

 Although the center door is stunning, look to the left for additional inspiration here.  
The door does not have to serve as a centerpiece to the room.

 The contrast of the white walls with black doors adds undeniable impact.

The simplicity of a glass door is elegant.

One huge door is a strong masculine, clean statement I would replicate in a heartbeat.

 Here are several examples of spaces that would likely have otherwise been left open but adding the colored doors hung on the barn trolley hardware defined the space.

 Take a look at what Amy from Whisperwood Cottage (click here) did.

She chose a great door...

 vintage hardware and created a memorable statement.
I have returned here again and again for inspiration. 

 I love that dramatic effect of the natural wood against the starkness of a clean palette.

 Such a clever use of space!

 Imagine this kitchen without these doors....

 One of my favorite examples of maximizing creativity and huge impact.

Design dilemma:  Big television set.
Can you imagine this living room either without these doors...(love these doors).

Statements like these are worth thinking about and planning for. 

I have to finish with a great door...

  e Amore.


  1. Hi Kim, oh my, be still my heart!!
    I just love trolly style sliding doors, I long for a space I could do this to, and as I look through your post I find myself glancing up and down at my walls and space. I am going to keep my thoughts on finding an old door hopefully next to nothing and recreate this look. Are you planning to do this in the new cottage, if so it will be divine.
    I have to agree with you on the large massive door, I too would do this in s heart beat as well :)

    I am going to go visit Whisperwood Cottage and see a little more inspiration :)

    Kim I am hosting a GiveAway and truly would love for you to visit leaving up to 3 different comments.

    How do you like the music list, and I lost the email that you sent with the links to the pioneer women! can you send those links to me again :) PLease and oh so Thanking you :)

    Lots of Love your friend

  2. Good Morning Kim,

    I really enjoyed all these great barn door images. People are getting so creative in their it!

    Of course the last photo was my favorite...thanks for sharing these with us.

    Hope you are well.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  3. okay, really REALLY cool. i love these.

  4. I love all of these ideas, especially for ways to hide a television set ;)

  5. I love this idea. It works perfectly to hide the massive tv.

    As your newest follower, I look forward to reading further posts. Please stop by my blog and I welcome comments