Thursday, August 23, 2012

The elegance of Rustic Series - The bedroom

Linen in the bedroom.

 Simplicity.  Of fabric, color, & decor.
Linen sheets are an affordable elegance even if it means you only have one set of sheets.

 For everyone.  Need I say more...?

Sleep in it.

 My favorite photo. The oversized, heavy linen bedding is casual & classic elegance in it's purest form.
Wide planked, rustic, natural flooring. 
Lighting and light and a mirror for "reflection",
Well done. 
 Simple.  Strong. Inviting.
Statement for rest and the claiming of it as a natural right....

 Spells "nap" in all languages.

 100% (un cento percento lino) linen
- The "c" followed by a vowel is always pronounced "ch" in Italian.
Say it then, "un c(ch)ento per c(ch) ento lino"
I am crazy for linen sheets.
I have them and give them as gifts.
Restoration Hardware has lovely sheets for a very reasonable price, all things considered.  I think they are the perfect wedding gift as well.
If you are looking to treat yourself or someone else, linen sheets are a pure and natural luxury.

The oversized linen coverlet again puddled on the floor atop textured carpet invites bare feet. 
Natural light. Bare brick. Jute carpet. Bear-skin rug.

Never forget the beauty of The Nap.