Thursday, September 6, 2012

The "next" Bella Cottage - across from the marsh

Plans were submitted yesterday for The Marsh Cottage. 
After a year of living on Saint Simons Island (south-coastal Georgia), I fell in love with Georgia/Carolina Low Country referred to as such because it is near or at sea-level.
This is the marsh and creek located directly across the street from my soon-to-be new home.
I put my paddle board into this very creek and I paddle out to the Atlantic Ocean...

 past Sea Island (see photo on the far right of my blog header for another view)...

and I end here at Ghould's Inlet seen on the right.

In between I am privileged to keep company with a variety of sea and marsh birds - even a bald eagle

and it is not unusual to see these stunning creatures where the creek feeds into the Ocean.
Two weekends in a row last Summer, two dolphins joined for the entire paddle in the creek.
It was simply priceless.

The Marsh Cottage will have grass steps like these for entrance into an extra deep screened front porch.

A wooden "platform" outside similarly styled porch doors will be flanked by two extra large wooden planters filled with boxwood similar to this design from Restoration Hardware.

Although coastal, this cottage will be home to at least one wooden pergola.
I've already purchased the wisteria vine that will call the pergola home.
Although I prefer more rustic than "bling", I do like un po ('a little" in Italian) and usually in the form of a crystal chandelier.

The backyard will become a private sanctuary (home to a large pergola) much like this photo depicts but with wooden fencing instead of stucco walls and a patio of aged brick. 

This photo of the typical screened porch has inspired me to bring the planting of coastal seas grasses right to the porch. 

I am crazy for a courtyard.....

These are inspirational photos to follow...
The original wooden floors will remain, touched only by wax or paint.  

The ticking (originally used for upholstery only) combined with french grain sacks is the juxtaposition that will define this cottage.

Natural woods, bringing outdoors in, a large and defining object or furniture here or there, will create the statement of this home..

The master bedroom - filled with natural light - will "french door" onto a screened porch which over looks the marsh. 

The header over the bathtub inspired by this photograph is already in the works for the master bath whose floor-plan - coincidentally - is similar to this photograph ...
See The Elegance of Rustic series - The Bathroom for another photograph of this idea along with innovative sink vanity ideas.

Galvanized olive buckets are all the rage these days but they are a a statement to the beauty of my time in Italy.
The roof of this cottage will be made of this metal.  

I have purchased two of these and may re-purpose them as lighting as seen here.
This light retails for 225 dollars. The buckets themselves cost about 65 dollars.  With a 15 dollar light kit, a metal drill bit, and a little electrical savvy, that's quite a savings.

Many, many evenings will pass with delicious and fresh food being prepared and served on my farm table that has made a home in six different house through the years.

Here she is, in all her non-descript glory.
Her bones are sweet.
Her story simple but neglected.
Please check back as she transforms....

Here are a couple pieces - doors and a unique round window - that will become part of the interior.
The doors I will hang on barn trolley tracks both as functional doors and as interesting additions on either side of windows and as a room divider.
See The Elegance of Rustic Series - Barn Trolley Doors to see what I am describing. 
I am undecided as to where the window will go but I'll know it when I see it.
The window was one of those "must haves"...

Set of narrow, painted doors purchased at Architectural Salvage, Sarasota, Florida.
These may flank a very tall window in the guest room either on a trolley track or hung using operable hardware.

Extra wide weathered wood & glass door purchased at Architectural Salvage, Sarasota, Florida.
This extra wide door (44 inches compared to the average 30 inch door) will more than cover the entry to the bathroom described above.
On it's own, it will provide very impactful architectural detail to the room.

Narrow weathered wood & glass door purchased at Architectural Salvage, Sarasota, Florida.
As this door is narrow and the house very small, this door will serve no functional purpose beyond design.  Because it is mostly glass it will not effect natural light. The weathered and natural wood will add interest between the living and dining room.
It, too, will be hung on a trolley track so it can be moved, if needed.

Purchased at Island Seas Designs, Brunswick, Georgia
from my friends Hondo and Francis.
Window or mirror.....?


  1. Kim I am so excited to see her sweetnes and grace come to be.
    Your marsh life is a dream, and may good things in your life inspire your new home of shelter.

    This is truly a home that will inspire greatness:)
    call me when you have extra time missed your last call and we need to catch up!

    Love yeah girl!

  2. Just re-visiting my dear friend, needing inspiration feeding the soul :)

  3. Looking forward to your transformation.

  4. Kim we have to talk soon Via our phone chats :)

  5. I so enjoyed this post! I envisioned every aspect of your design and can't wait to see the progress. You have impeccable taste that creates a relaxing, carefree, yet sophisticated atmosphere. I dream about living in the Low Country. Dorthea Benton Frank writes about the Low Country in her novels.

  6. Yes, she does write about the Georgia and South Carolina Low Country. Your last post on your site was on my 50th birthday. Let us hear from you soon. Blessings to you, Kim

  7. Stopped by via Dore from Burlap Luxe There are no words for me to discribe what a treat to see the incrediable taste & vision that is in the works for you. I love everything can't wait to se the special santuary you are creating. God Bless Laura

  8. Well can't wait to see the results of all the choices!!! Looks exciting!! I will be sure to keep watch. Love the old doors on tracks ideas.

  9. What you are doing feels just right to me. I've just finished building a log cabin and am choosing the furnishings with the same eye as yours. Comfort, easy of use and maintenance, natural materials characterize what I think of as the way to live. Ann