Monday, January 9, 2017

Country Living Feb 2016 photo-shoot & article

I've been away from my blog for almost two years but am back now! 

In 2015, I had just retired from federal law enforcement and started my boutique interior design business, Bella Rustica Design.  

I've been busy ever since helping clients with all size jobs, encouraging their own creativity as I work with them and within their budget to bring their project to a lovely conclusion. I'll be highlighting several of those projects regularly now. 

So, let's get caught up. 

My last post was the re-model of this darling cottage that made it into the February 2016 Country Living.

I sold this darling cottage within months of this publication and have recently finished 
the re-model of my next project, my newest home (my fifth);  I am staying put for awhile.  See for pictures of that finished product. Check back for those re-model photos over the next few weeks ... 

This was the fourth full home re-model in six years.  In between I was moving (even double moving) while buying the next home & then re-modeling it.  All with at least three large dogs and sometimes more if I was fostering.  I am proud to say I managed the last two re-models entirely and I learned a lot which I've been able to pass on to clients saving both time & money. 

{ You can take a peek at this journey via the links on the right. }

In the meantime, here is the Country Living article along with additional photos of the house during the photo-shoot. Sunday Hendrickson, divine stylist at large, styled the heck out of my place and it looked just gorgeous. 

-Inside -

Here is a photo of the living room all together.  The dogs were home all day during the photo-shoot and walked through or plopped down in many a picture.... Ultimately, Beau made it into the published living room photo.

The laundry room is in the same 'great' room as the dining room & kitchen.  That is the living room wall on the right.  This was the original entryway to the house via a covered porch.  At some point the porch was shortened and what you see at the entry to the laundry room was the read wall in a closet.  I opened this space into the great room and moved the house entry to the middle of the living room. 

The entire house re-model journey is documented in the previous post so looked back at that story to see the enormity of this cottage transformation. 

I used vertical shiplap in this bathroom and wanted to experiment with a black floor.  The bull's head, originally purchased for the living room, was too large to put over the couch so he ended up here.  Love it!  He's over my fireplace in the new house now ....

 I've had a broken twig chandelier in every home I've owned (five so far to include my Coronado, CA, cottage).  It's the only item I sell.  These chandeliers are simply works of art and they make the room every time. 

Although I loved the photo of this room we all agreed the one below, with Kenyon, was priceless and it was the one that made it into the magazine. 

- The Back Porch and Outside Shower -

None of the back porch photos, to include the shower, made it into the magazine but here they are...

 Once you use an outside shower it will become a regular part of your routine.  This is located off the back bedroom and is nicely private.  I see many outside showers located too far from an entrance to the home.  There is something lovely about walking across your porch to your shower. 

This is one of many favorite photos. It highlights our lifestyle and my love for large porches.  The shower enclosure is on the right. 

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