Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Bath renovations - This Old House Kitchen & Bath March 2018

I finally received the PDF version of what was a great article on a bathroom renovation I completed earlier this year [ and detailed earlier] - This Old House Kitchen and Bath Special May 2018.

My personal master bath has been accepted by This Old House and a photo-shoot is being scheduled for September.  The criteria for publication for an multi-page article in This Old House requires the homes be built before 1960.  My current home was built in 1984.  Here are a couple photographs of the master bath.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Vintage Style March 2018 - The Marsh Cottage article (finally)

This photo-shoot was done in October 2014 but only recently published in March of 2018.  The print magazine industry has been hit hard so when publishing companies are sold the stories that are in a que get bumped.  This was originally going to be published in another magazine years ago. 

I have re-modeled two additional homes since then and my style, although relatively similar, has changed over time.  I, like many, am a little more inclined towards the cleaner lines and a 'less is more' commitment.  I like bolder prints now and large art, textiles and a little boho even.  The chippy, painted items we all swooned over for years are now in my past. 

 In the world of photo-shoots, however, lots and lots of color is brought in.  If you walked into any of my other homes before a photo-shoot you'd see much less color than what ends up being publishes.  The professional stylist, sent with a professional photographer, creates half the beauty the photos capture because of the staging.

Over the years of photo-shoots I have come to love the lavender or orange with grays as evidenced above.

Since the article was finally published I can share some of the photos not used from that day with a focus on the fabulous porch. 

My sweet Beau laid underneath the table for much of the morning.  

He passed last July and I miss that dog deeply.  I found him wandering the beach here seven years before, leashed him up, gave him a bath in my front yard and while I was winding up the hose he walked through the dog door into my home with three other dogs, jumped up on the couch.  That's where I found him.  

I tried to place him in two other homes but he apparently had separation anxiety so after being returned twice he never left our home again; he ended up being the best of dogs. 

"Commit To A Dog With A Story."